With today’s current reality where we are faced with challenges and uncertainties that we need to overcome on a daily basis, many people are experiencing worries regarding their health. It is also undeniable that with the current flu season and change of weather in place, the symptoms of a cough or a cold can be a concern.

While we have grown accustomed to this ever-changing lifestyle, we sometimes tend to neglect even the simplest ways that we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones at home. Protect your family this season with P&G Health – the one-stop-shop for all your health & immunity essentials for the family. This February 7, shop brands like VICKS – trusted by generations of Filipino families, as well as Sangobion, Neurobion, and Dolo-Neurobion, to get 15% off + exclusive vouchers for new followers. Follow P&G Health Store on Shopee now and start shopping before stocks run out!

Vicks First Defense: Vicks First Defence is designed as a nasal spray to target what’s considered as the main site of infection: the back of the nose. It is clinically proven to help stop a cold in its tracks. Use at first signs of a cold (tickle at the back of the throat or sneezing) or when you’re exposed to cold viruses

Vicks Immune Defense: VICKS now has NEW Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Vicks Immune Defense) Capsule! May Vitamin C, high-strength Vitamin D at Zinc na kilalang panglaban sa sipon, impeksyon at cell damage. Para sa 3-in-1 Immune Support against colds, together with proper diet and exercise.

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Vicks VapoRub: Vicks VapoRub is used to temporarily relieve cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation associated with the common cold when applied to chest and throat. When applied to muscles and joints, temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles

Vicks Inhaler Singles: Vicks Inhaler provides temporary relief of nasal congestion due to cold symptoms, hay fever, or upper respiratory allergy symptoms by helping to shrink swollen sinus membranes

Vicks BabyRub 45g: Vicks BabyRub is specially developed for your baby in association with baby and skin experts. Formulated to gently moisturize, soothe, calm, and relax your baby

There is no better time to protect yourself than now.

Shop here:

MAIN STORE: https://shopee.ph/pghealthofficialstore

Vicks First Defense
Vicks Inhaler Singles
Vicks BabyRub 45g
Vicks VapoRub 50g


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