Ever since he started his career as a TV Idol finalist in the now-defunct show “Magandang Tanghali Bayan (MTB),” we’ve always set our eyes on the tall, fair and hunky AJ Dee. Although his younger brother, Enchong Dee has surpassed him in achieving a fair amount of success in show business, AJ continues to make his mark in whatever projects that land on his lap.

He was last seen as “Caleb,” a fiery & passionate half-wolf father of “Ayla” (Meg Imperial) in ABS-CBN’s afternoon soap, “Moon of Desire.” But what really keeps him busy nowadays is his family; being married to a beautiful Norwegian wife (Olga) and having two lovely sons (Maximus and Alexandros).


AJ Dee loves Random Republika

We’ve asked AJ 12 random questions. Check out his candid answers below:

1. What do you love most about your wife, Olga?
AJ: What I love most about my wife is that she’s a beautiful and a strong woman; she is my wonder woman. She would really do everything to protect her loved ones.

2. What’s the most memorable/most endearing experience you’ve had so far being a father of 2 lovely kids?
AJ: The most memorable experience being a father is I guess whenever I go to Norway to visit them. Everytime I go there I experience magical things. From the time they were born, to the time they learned how to crawl, stand, walk. The arguments, the hugging, the playing, everything… I can definitely say that being a father to two wonderful kids are the best gifts that I recieved from God. It’s amazing!

AJ Dee with Wife Olga and sons

3. What’s the best part in moving to/living in a foreign country?
AJ: Well I couldn’t say the best part yet as I haven’t [officially] moved to Norway, but soon… But Im pretty sure it will be a great chapter of my life. I always say to others I’m so lucky to be able to start a new chapter in the age of 32. I know it will be hard but life is meant to be uneasy. With your family beside you, you can achieve anything.

4. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
AJ: I asked my wife first and she said my chest, abs, and calves… I think she’s the most qualified to give the answer. Hahaha!

AJ Dee

5. If you will have a new body tattoo, what will it be and why?
AJ: I have a lot in my mind but I don’t know yet which one will be the next. I’m thinking maybe the words “love, peace, and respect” as these 3 words are very important to me. Or maybe our next child’s name in case we have another one…

6. What’s your greatest pet peeve?
AJ: My pet peeve would be seeing the news with all the corruption and crimes going on in our country every freaking day.

7. If by random chance you wake up the next day single again—not yet married and with no kids— and the magical powers of nature has given you 24 hours to enjoy “singlehood”, how will you spend your whole day living life to the full? 
AJ: If I wake up single again, I would go online, buy a ticket, fly to a random country, do stupid and crazy things… and not tell anyone where I went…

AJ Dee in Europe

8. Name 3 best restaurants/food hangout places in Manila 
AJ: Well, I don’t actually have a particular place I usually hang out in, but I like any place that has coffee, and I love theaters too. With restos, I like trying different ones…

9. Who do you think is the most gorgeous man and woman in local showbiz? Why?
AJ: I would say it will be my good friend Piolo Pascual. Why? Because he’s Piolo Pascual. And Ann Curtis because she’s my ultimate crush.

10. If ever you are carrying a man bag/backpack right now, name 3 items that will always be inside it
AJ: The 3 things that you will always find in my bag are: perfume, a pack of cigarettes, and my cellphone.

From pep.ph
From pep.ph

11. What’s the greatest life advice you have given to your brother, Enchong Dee?
AJ: The greatest advice that I have given him is to just ignore what other people say, just do his best and always stay grounded no matter what.

12. What song describes your life?
AJ: The song that represents my life is “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash. I’ve been through a lot of obstacles before and didn’t know how to handle them. And committing mistakes were always a challenge. Fortunately, I found a way how to face them with a positive attitude. It wasn’t easy, but I realized it’s all about perspective–on how you see things and how will you try to solve them. Slowly it made a big difference…

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