Upon seeing makeup artist Xeng Zulueta’s Facebook post with Aubrey Miles‘ oh-so-fit BTS photo from a shoot, I really had to ask the Pasion de Amor star for an interview about beauty and fitness. I was so curious how, at 34, Aubrey seems to evade the natural ageing process. In fact, while preparing my interview questions, I was talking to a Chilean friend and asked her to make a guess on Aubrey’s age. My friend Carolina felt quite confident that she’s just anywhere from 20 to 25.  Imagine my friend’s amazement when she learned the actress is now in her 30s. Aubrey is now a mother of two but there’s no trace of pregnancy in her perfectly toned body. 🙂 How exactly does she do it?

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Read on as she gamely and generously shared her answers to Random Republika: ON FITNESS RR: We’ve seen you onscreen through the years and you don’t seem to age. Can you share with us how you were able to maintain your youthful look (Is it genetic or have you always been conscious about maintaining it)? (Here, I told her about my friend’s comment!) Aubrey: I think Asian women have the best skin, main thing for me is to take care of the inside ’cause it would show on the outside. I believe in spending for skincare and watching your food intake also helps. Lots of water and fiber. RR: As a mom of two, so many mothers (and ladies and ladies at heart) out there are looking at you as their fitness peg. Can you share what your regular diet consists of? Do you take health supplements or vitamins? Aubrey: I eat pineapples and papaya everyday for fast digestion. I try to be all-natural, no artificial vitamins or medication, not necessarily organic but natural is good for me. I like the sun in the morning. (No kidding, after this interview, I stuffed myself with papaya and pineapple straight from the supermarket! Hehe.) RR: Given your healthy lifestyle, do you also have cravings for sweets or junk food and how do you deal with them? Aubrey: It took me years to master my control – I mean control in terms of pigging out and giving in to cravings. It was hard but I survived the part I have to always eat crazy every weekend. For me weekend doesn’t always mean cheat day. I do junk and sweets only when I crave or when I travel. RR: How often do you work out and what’s your usual game plan? (Cardio, weigh training, etc.?) Aubrey: I work out 3x a week. If I get a chance or am not busy, I do 4x a week.  I do weight training, TRX, circuit training, boxing, etc.  Hahaha. RR: Given so many beauty center services available, do you avail of any to help you in maintaining your look? (RF, laser procedures, etc) Aubrey: I’m with Belo Medical Group now. I love the Obagi facial with oxygen. Oxygen is very good for your skin. I tried those IPL, skin laser, and other stuff. No injectables yet but I’m open. Not against anything as long as [there will be] good results. Hahaha.

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RR: What is your favorite body part or an asset you get most compliments on?

Aubrey: I love my abdominal part. It’s been my obsession since I was young. (Oh, Aubrey, we love it too! And wish to have those abs someday soon! Haha!)

RR: Is there still a part of your body you wish to work on for improvement?

Aubrey: I’m still working on my buttocks.
RR: While a lot of stars openly show admiration for your body, we’re interested to know, who are your personal fitness icons?
Aubrey: I have a lot of fitness icons, mostly regular people who work out. I follow a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram.

RR: On the kikay/beauty aspect, what’s your typical skincare regimen?

Aubrey: I love the La Mer mist. I have eye cream, moisturizer, sunblock etc. Hahaha. I think when you get older, you get more conscious, right?  I have a set of skin care – step-by-step from facial wash, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, sunblock – then I bring my mist everywhere to hydrate my skin ’cause it’s so hot here.

RR: We know how difficult it is to manage being a partner, managing a household, and being mom, what’s your secret in handling all these?

Aubrey: For me, time management – if you want it, you’ll make it happen. Priorities. We can try to do everything, just try. I do wake up early so I can do a lot for myself, my business (A-Miles pawnshop), drop off the kids to school, [spend] family time and time for Troy.

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RR: Lastly, what role does your partner Troy [Montero] play in your healthy lifestyle?

Aubrey: Troy supports me in everything I do – from my vanity to my workouts. Hahaha. (Awww!)
Aubrey is making a Kapamilya comeback via Pasion de Amor which will start airing on May 18 on Kapamilya Gold. Catch Aubrey as she plays the role of Rio, a DJ. Being the love interest of Joseph Marco in the series, Aubrey will get into a love triangle involving Coleen Garcia. For some fitspiration, follow her on Instagram @milesaubrey  and Viber public chat – Manila Secrets (where we first got some fitness tips from her!). 🙂
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