It was a fun Sunday morning when we had the chance to chat with Hashtag Kid Yambao two weeks ago. We got to know the serious side of the 20-year old long-haired, happy-go-lucky-looking kilig ambassador. Behind the cool vibe and advertisement-worthy locks is a breadwinner who found a place in the industry and an appreciation for the job he loves.

Check out our laughter-filled chikahan with Hashtag Kid via the full video below. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights. We learned a lot of fun facts about Kid (Example: He doesn’t use hair conditioner and just finger-combs his hair!)

  1. What is Hashtag Kid’s real name?
  2. How did he become a part of Hashtags?
  3. His upcoming teleserye project KAPALARAN with Sylvia Sanchez and other Kapamilya leading men
  4. Being mistaken sometimes as a woman because of his long hair. Haha.
  5. Relationship status – does he have a girlfriend now? Has he dated anyone from the Girl Trends?
  6. His upcoming movie Love You Two with Lassy and Yen Santos
  7. Reaction to speculations that he is Vice Ganda’s boyfriend 
  8. Friendship with his fellow Hashtags
  9. Vice Ganda’s valuable advice 
  10. Is he open to a kissing scene with Vice Ganda onscreen?
  11. Getting indecent proposals (He gets direct messages on Instagram!)
  12. Does he know Vice Ganda’s boyfriend?
  13. Vice Ganda’s reaction when he hit his P1M-goal
  14. What was he into prior to joining showbiz? 
  15. Looking back at how it was when he first joined the Hashtags. Were there awkward moments? Kid shares who his closest friends are. 
  16. Who does he think is the most handsome Hashtags member?
  17. Does he find himself sexy?
  18. Is he willing to cut his hair?
  19. What’s his haircare secret?

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