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After having two record-breaking films in a row, Star Cinema and Viva Films offer another movie expected to make it big in box-office this month. Coming from the success of their hit romantic comedy film Catch Me…I’m In Love early this year, Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson will try to make us giddy again in Won’t Last A Day Without You. Based on The Buzz last Sunday, this is the first time Sarah’s veering away from her usual no-boyfriend-since-birth roles. That’s truly something to look forward to. :)Won’t Last A Day Without You will be shown in cinemas nationwide beginning November 23.

Watch the film’s official trailer here and sing along with Sarah in her official music video.
Official Trailer:
Video: Youtube (user ABSstarcinema)
Official Music Video:
Video: Youtube (user mychosdotcom)
“I Won’t Last A Day Without You”
by The Carpenters
Day after day, I must face a world of strangers
Where I don’t belong, I’m not that strong
It’s nice to know that there’s someone I can turn to
Who will always care, you’re always there
***When there’s no gettin’ over that rainbow
When my smallest of dreams won’t come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won’t last a day without you

So many times when the city seems to be
Without a friendly face, a lonely place
It’s nice to know that you’ll be there if I need you
And you’ll always smile, it’s all worthwhile

Repeat ***

Touch me and I end up singing
Trouble seems to up and disappear
You touch me with the love you’re bringing
I can’t really lose when you’re near
When you’re near, my love

If all my friends have forgotten half their promises,
They’re not unkind, just hard to find
One look at you and I know
That I could learn to live without the rest
I’ve found the best

Repeat *** 2x
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