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Aside from official TV ratings released by authorized agencies, making it to the trending topic list of social networking site Twitter is a fairly good measure of a show’s performance these days. In that case, the Pinoy Big Brother team must be very proud of its afternoon edition Uber 2012 which consistently creates buzz for almost two weeks now. Related keywords are trending each day, even making it to the worldwide list on most days.
The Uberkada: Bianca Gonzalez, John Prats, Robi Domingo, and Eps ūüôā
Images: ABS-CBN screenshots
We believe the newest UBERkada has a lot to do with the great feedback the show has been getting. The team-up of former PBB housemates Bianca Gonzalez (“Girl Comment”), John Prats¬†(“Boy Chismoso”), and Robi Domingo¬†(“Boy Waley”)¬†has surprisingly showed great chemistry. The kulitan masters are now well-loved by viewers nationwide also known in the online community as “Taumbayan.” An addition to the three main hosts is the newest character in the show who’s starting to capture hearts and make an impact this season. The true identity of which is as mysterious as Big Brother’s. We are talking about Eps¬†– the smiley mascot whose name was just recently decided on after soliciting numerous hilarious suggestions from the viewers (eg. Kwek-kwek!). “Eps” is short for epal, the slang for the Filipino term “mapapel” or someone who wants to be in the scene or get involved with things that don’t concern him or her. Unlike our common concept of epal, Epz is definitely endearing in his (or her or its?) own way! He speaks volumes despite the lack of a moving mouth. And whether we like it or not, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of him in the coming days. Catch some¬†of Epz’s¬†random scene-stealing moments¬†here:
Behind the Scenes with Eps
Images courtesy of Instagram users @IADelaCruz @JCSVargas and @iamjohnprats 
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Eps getting major exposure throughout the show (check out his blurb!)
Images: ABS-CBN screenshots


Eps sharing light moments with John, Bianca, and Robi
Images: ABS-CBN screenshots

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