A Secret Affair starring Derek Ramsay, Anne Curtis, and Andi Eigenmann
Images: trailer screenshots courtesy of Viva Entertainment


Newly awarded FAMAS Best Actress Anne Curtis takes on a role reversal in Viva Films’ upcoming film     this October – A Secret Affair. After her stint as a classy querida in 2011’s box-office hit No Other Woman, it’s intriguing to see how Anne will portray the role of the fiancee being cheated on. With Anne are Derek Ramsay as the philandering husband (again!) and Andi Eigenmann as the mistress.

Based on the trailer, the story does seem familiar but it’s still exciting to know how it will unfold and how the new characters will fare in this film. And in case you missed Carmi Martin’s comedic lines in No Other Woman, looks like we’re in for some comic relief from Jaclyn Jose (for a moment there, we forgot she’s Andi Eigenmann’s mom in real life!).
With the similar formula that brought No Other Woman and The Mistress to box-office heights, we wonder if the “mistress” magic will also work on this film.
Check out the trailer here:

Video: Youtube (uploaded by VIVAentertainment001)

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Look a la Bea Alonzo in 'The Mistress'


A Secret Affair: Another 'No Other Woman'?

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