From his humble beginnings as one of the finalists in GMA 7’s “Starstruck” (batch 5; 2009) and now as a full-fledged Kapamilya hunk, Enzo Pineda has indeed come a long way in achieving his dreams, and for this young gentleman, his hard work is just about to come to fruition. Since his transition to his new home network, ABS-CBN, Enzo has already appeared in a Star Cinema/Skylight Films movie (“Extra Service”) and has also graced two teleseryes (“Till I Met You” and “Pusong Ligaw”). He currently plays the character of “Rafa,” the third wheel in the Sofiego (Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga) love team of “Pusong Ligaw,” and although he is considered the newbie in the network, he is surely giving his co-stars a good run for their money. Enzo is now playing his A-game and is set to break boundaries in his rising career.

We talked to Enzo and asked 12 Random Questions about his life which he gamely answered:

1. If you were a color in a box of crayons, which color best represents you and why?

Enzo: Probably gray. I’m naturally a fun, outgoing, loving guy. But don’t abuse it… because I have a mean side too and I’m very protective when it comes to my loved ones.

2. What’s your favorite ’90s jam and why? 

Enzo: “Always On Time” by Ja Rule. It speaks for itself. Haha!

3. What’s the last gift you gave to someone?

Enzo: Gave somebody a cheesecake.

4. What bores you?

Enzo: Meaningless conversations.

5. What’s your favorite item of clothing and why?

Enzo: Definitely maong jeans. It’s timeless!

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6. Who do you think would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman, and why?

Enzo: Batman would win. Brains > Superpowers.

7. What scares you the most?

Enzo: My fear is that I won’t make my family proud.

8. What is something that you are obsessed with recently?

Enzo: I’m obsessed with “acting,” cartoons, food, & fitness.

9. What is your ideal vacation/down time?

Enzo: At the beach while sipping a fresh fruit shake.

10. If you will ever have a tattoo, what kind of tattoo would you like to have?

Enzo: I would put an “infinity” sign on my rib cage area. It’s a reminder that life is “abundant.”

11. What inspires you as an actor?

Enzo: Life is what inspires me as an actor. Everybody has greatness and beauty inside of them and that’s why I love portraying different characters. Each person has a crucial part in the universe.

12. What makes Enzo Pineda unique as a person?

Enzo: I am me, “Enzo,” and I don’t pretend. I am passionate. And I speak from the heart.


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