Random Republika’s Version of Bianca Gonzalez’s Pininyahang Manok Recipe

Bianca’s image courtesy of her official Facebook fan page
It took us a while before trying out TV host-writer Bianca Gonzalez’s Pininyahang Manok recipe. She personally prepared the dish in a Kris TV guesting last September. A self-confessed beginner in cooking, Bianca showed us that it’s never too late to explore in the kitchen. She gladly shared getting guidance from her  mom and their household helper in learning how to prepare the now popular dish.:)
After the episode was aired, our interests were piqued all the more by the numerous Twitter posts from Bianca’s followers. Those who got to try shared photos and raved about their versions of the pineapple chicken recipe. Now, this is our chance to share our healthified take on it. With just a simple procedure calling for readily available ingredients, we were amazed by the flavorful and delicious dish we came up with.

Check out Bianca’s recipe and our step-by-step cooking experience:

Random Note: Bianca’s original recipe calls for chicken thigh parts but since we’re doing the healthified version, breast cuts are highly recommended. We also used extra virgin olive oil instead of regular cooking oil. (Since we ran out of pineapple chunks in the pantry, we made use of crushed pineapple for this recipe.)
The sauce came out so tasty (thanks to the pineapple juice + liver spread + cheese combo!)
it could serve as a viand on its own.;)
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