During the pageant and while working on post-Miss Universe 2016 pageant articles, I noticed the resemblances of top three winners Miss Colombia, Miss Haiti, and Miss France to some local and foreign celebrities. It could be just me but I think these girls have striking similarities.

Photos are courtesy of the celebrities’ Instagram pages


Miss Universe 2016 2nd Runner-Up

Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar

Celebrity matches:

Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Alba
Halle Berry

Miss Universe 2016 First Runner-up 

Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier

Celebrity matches:

Jennifer Lopez
Wilma Doesnt
Desiree Del Valle

Miss Universe 2016 

Miss France Iris Mittenaere — Celebrity match: Miss Earth Sweden 2016 Cloie Syquia
Iris – Cloie (Cloie is the daughter of Gabby Concepcion and Jenny Syquia; KC Concepcion’s sister)


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