Nina Garcia, Liz Uy, and Rachel Zoe with their books The Little Black Book of Style, StyLIZed, and Style A to Zoe
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Liz Uy is undoubtedly the most popular stylist in the industry today. From working behind-the-scenes for a fashion magazine, she has worked her way up and evolved into a fashion icon aspiring stylists and ordinary fashionistas can look up to. She has paved the way for industry onlookers to appreciate the styling profession.
Dubbed as the ‘Nina Garcia‘ and ‘Rachel Zoeof the Philippines, Liz recently had a style guide published just like the two famous stylists. It took me a while to get a hold of her book as copies were sold out a few days after the launch! Now that I have it, I’d like to share my random thoughts.:)
Summit Media’ StyLIZed: Liz Uy’s Ten Style Essentials 
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The star-studded lineup for the book’s chapters:
Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, Marian Rivera, Georgina Wilson,
Bianca Gonzalez
, Sarah Geronimo, Julia Barretto,
Isabelle Daza, Toni Gonzaga, and Kris Aquino

The moment I saw the lineup, I understood why copies flew out of the shelves that fast. Showbiz fans would surely love seeing their favorite “It girl” in it. Each one had a moment to shine in every chapter. 🙂

Another thing to love about the book is how visually loaded and appealing it is. The fonts, the layout, and the photos were all consistently classic (and classy!). Unlike text-heavy foreign style guides I’ve read, StyLIZed provided chunks of information in a more digestible format. It was a huge plus that the content had in it the foreign origins of the fashion pieces but was still localized and made relatable for the target market.
For its Php395 price tag, I must say it was worth my money and the long wait. 😛
Liz Uy’s Ten Style Essentials
represented by her celebrity clients
Anne Curtis
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Bea Alonzo
Marian Rivera
Georgina Wilson
Bianca Gonzalez
Sarah Geronimo
Julia Barretto
Isabelle Daza
Toni Gonzaga
Kris Aquino

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