The six-month lockdown experience has definitely taken its toll on my skin. Aside from staying up late often because of working from home, Korean series marathons, and Instagram (and TikTok) scrolling, eating junk food has also been a way to cope with the stress during the first few months. We all know what that can do! To add to that, I had no chance to get even a basic facial given the community quarantine restrictions.

You can just imagine how thrilled I was when Luminisce Skin Clinic offered to send me a do-it-yourself home kit of their Citrine Peel. I was told that the peel aims to address dull and uneven skin tone, melasma, acne marks and insect bite marks. According to the clinic, the special concoction consists of a natural extract from argan, rice and barley which is a powerful depigmentation treatment for the face, neck, chest, hands, and back. For my application, I just used it on my face.

Here’s the pack I received with a sweet note that said, “And because we care about you. we’re here to give you and your skin a quick pick-me-up through our at-home Citrine Peel. Consider this our instant confidence booster. It brightens the skin, helps even out the tone, and restores your natural radiance giving you the extra boost to keep you going!”

Here’s what I got: ethyl alcohol, neutralizer, active peel, post-peel cream, and cotton applicator

A few days after my kit arrived, I had a scheduled online consultation (via Zoom) with one of Luminisce’s doctors. Dra. patiently walked me through the whole process and gave me all the necessary reminders.

Here’s what I did that night:

Coming from a Zoom presscon, I had to thoroughly wash off my makeup.
I was told that the peel works better when absorbed properly and oiliness is a hindrance to full absorption. I had to degrease my face with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol.

STEP 1: After cleansing my face, I degreased it with the 70% Ethyl Alcohol.

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STEP 2: I dipped the cotton applicator into the jar of active peel and pressed it against the side to remove excess solution. I lightly applied the peel on my face following the direction the doctor told me. I avoided sensitive skin like the ones around my eyes. Specific areas for application: forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

I was reminded to use 6 sheets of cotton pads when washing off the peel with cold water. I was warned of a possible stinging sensation.

STEP 3: After waiting for 3 minutes (I made sure I did not exceed 5 minutes to avoid possible burning), I washed off the peel with thick cotton pads soaked in really cold water (I placed water with ice cubes in a bowl as instructed).

Raw and unedited. It was as if I didn’t put anything on. NO REDNESS. NO STINGING SENSATION. And the peel easily dried up. ūüôā

I wasn’t able to use the neutralizer and post-peel cream because they are meant to address harsh reactions. I did not experience any redness or stinging feeling.

I didn’t wash my face for six hours (and even extended that!) as instructed and I avoided sun and UV exposure.

I woke up with this fresh feeling. My skin felt softer. I positioned myself on the same spot where I took my photo the night before to have the same lighting. I had to wait for 24 hours before going back to my usual skin regimen.

Random Review: Reasonably priced at Php 1,550, the peel kit lives up to its promise of bringing back radiance WITHOUT visible flaking. No redness and micropeeling AT ALL. Yay! Get your own kit through this link:

Note: I’m still battling with skin spots and marks and Luminisce has helped me lighten the skin discolorations. READ MY PREVIOUS ENTRIES through the links below.

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