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Playtime, a suspense thriller by Viva Films and GMA Pictures, has created buzz and garnered mixed reviews. Here’s my take on the movie based on its overall impact and execution.

The story revolves around four characters: Lucas (Xian Lim), Ally (Sanya Lopez), Roni (Coleen Garcia), and Patricia (Faye Lorenzo). The film jumps straight into the plot, focusing on the concept of “playtime.” A more sufficient background or inclusion of support scenes for each character would really be helpful. However, this straightforward approach keeps the audience engaged, avoiding unnecessary detours and maintaining a tight narrative.

The intermittent backstory revelations within scenes also contribute to this engagement. Sanya Lopez delivers an impressive performance, truly embodying her character. Faye Lorenzo also shows potential with her performance.

The minimal use of music works in the movie’s favor, creating a quiet atmosphere that enhances the shock value of sudden events. For someone who rarely watches local films due to their predictability, Playtime successfully delivers unexpected moments and genuine surprises.

The film emphasizes important lessons such as not trusting strangers too easily, especially in today’s society. It also highlights the dangers of posting and exposing your life on social media, as posts can be misinterpreted and lead to unintended consequences. Lastly, the movie underlines the strength and resilience of women, illustrating that they can bend rules to win battles.

In summary, while Playtime could use improvement in character development and technical execution, it manages to engage the audience with its direct storytelling and impactful lessons. Sanya Lopez’s standout performance and the film’s ability to surprise viewers make it worth watching.

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