Showbiz heartthrobs were gathered in a room for the story conference for upcoming barkada movie Project G. Khalil Ramos, Mark Oblea, Nick Parker, and Hashtags Paulo Angeles and Jameson Blake joined Director Dondon Santos as the mystery-filled story and interesting lineup of characters were presented and discussed. Excitement builds up as an interesting twist in the movie was hinted.

Check out the synopsis:

Dominic Gonzalez or Dom (Jameson Blake), Bryan Leonida or Bry (Paulo Angeles), and Joaquin Monzon or Wacks (Mark Oblea) are close buddies and they went on a road trip to fulfill the bucket list of their friend Samuel Corteza or Sam (Khalil Ramos). Sam was battling with cancer.

Sam’s bucket list included getting drunk until he drops, skinny dipping, getting a tattoo, losing his virginity, and experiencing REAL happiness. While these things seem typically part of teenagers’ lives, Sam has yet to experience them.

The group’s trip reached its peak when the boys met Sandy Reyes (Roxanne Barcelo), a sexy lady who’s more than willing to take part in making one of Sam’s GOALS happen — lose his virginity. Unfortunately for Sam, he and Sandy were too drunk to take action that night. The following morning, Sandy was found dead. As the situation showed, she seemed to have been killed. But who did it, how, and why? That is where the adventure and mystery begin.

Also starring are Kira Balinger and Dominic Roque.

Stay tuned for more status updates on Project G. For now, we can only say it’s a G for this one.

Here are some photos from the storycon:

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Direk Dondon Santos
Nick Parker
Paulo Angeles
Khalil Ramos
Mark Oblea
Jameson Blake