Last December, the grand launch of the first PicoPlus machinein the Philippines was held at Luminisce Skin Clinic in Bonifacio Global City. The PICOPLUS system is a non-invasive laser that can effectively treat even the most difficult skin problems, from acne scars, fresh and old tattoos, to melasma. We were assured that the technology is safe, effective, and US FDA-approved.

Doc Kaycee refers to PICOPLUS laser as preventive and EVIDENCE-based laser technology. She said she WAITED for THREE YEARS before getting the right laser machine. Doc made sure the machine is EFFECTIVE because it is described to be as expensive as a Maserati or Ferrari.
Being a powerful machine, PICOPLUS is the best solution for my spots (Hori’s Nevus).
Dra. decided to replace my Skywalker Angel White Laster treatment because the spots I have on my face need stronger help.

One thing I truly appreciate about Luminisce is the effort to make patients have a good grasp and understanding of their skin condition and the corresponding treatments needed to address the issues. Dr. Kaycee Reyes, founder and resident doctor of the clinic, patiently presented a slideshow of information about laser technology and PICOPLUS in particular. Luminisce Skin Clinic is the first to introduce PicoPlus to the local market.

WATCH Dra. Kaycee explain all about PICOPLUS in detail. You can also hear my testimonial after trying out the procedure.

I watched Dra. perform the procedure on another patient after my session. WATCH a snippet of my session in Kate’s Diary Highlights section on


After my no-downtime and wonderful experience with the Starwalker Angel White Laser treatment, I was really scared about the downtime for this PICOPLUS procedure. I just reminded myself that this is a more powerful technology being used to zap away my spots. As desccribed in Dra. Kaycee’s presentation, the spots or target impurites are broken down by pulses. Think peppercorns bursting into ground and fine form.

The procedure felt like having sparklers touch my face. No pain at all!

Cold compress was placed after the procedure to lessen the redness.
For the next couple of days after the PicoPlus session, I wore these sheets recommended at the clinic to protect the face from any infection. The sticky sheets can be covered by your foundation to disguise the contrast with the skin. My Hori’s Nevus are slightly lighter now and I’m excited how things will turn out in the next session. I will update you as soon as possible.

2 months after the first session. Definitely lighter.
THIS. I find that this has a more noticeable improvement.

If you’re interested to try this for yourself, schedule an appointment soon with Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Skin Clinic (BGC or Podium)
Here are the contact numbers:
02-511 8500 (BGC)| 02-637 2398 (PODIUM)
0915-9794661/0977-8044601 (BGC)
0917-1684661 (PODIUM)

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