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BLVCK Entertainment expands its family with the addition of a new talent to their roster: Jayson Luzadas, better known as Boss Toyo. Since 2017, he has garnered immense popularity as a social media content creator and influencer. With over 41k followers on Facebook, 383k subscribers on YouTube for Boss Toyo Production, and more than 85k followers on TikTok, he has established a significant presence across multiple platforms. Boss Toyo is particularly renowned for his online show “Pinoy Pawn Stars,” a unique adaptation of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” Through this show, he not only showcases the value of artists’ possessions but also pays tribute to and recognizes the artists who have contributed to the industry.

Boss Toyo is a strong advocate for the “Sugod Bahay” program, which involves visiting various barangays in the metro to spread smiles and surprises. Additionally, he is the producer of “Geng Geng Network,” a Facebook channel that features diverse programs such as “Pautang Nation,” where online audiences can secure loans of up to Php 5,000. Other shows include “Battle of the Geng-Geng,” a game show inspired by “Family Feud,” and “Tarantadong Pinoy,” a talent show for those looking to test their luck online. In addition to his various endeavors, Boss Toyo is an entrepreneurial spirit who has also founded his own clothing line, “Toyo Wear.”

Engineers Louie and Grace Cristobal, the heads of BLVCK Entertainment, were drawn to Boss Toyo’s creative, witty, naturally comedic, and spontaneous personality. Furthermore, his passion for music led him to sign up as a “BLVCK Artist.” The duo firmly believes that their collaboration with Boss Toyo will yield fresh and captivating concepts in content production, particularly in the realm of music. With Boss Toyo’s infectious positivity and knack for delivering unique and exciting experiences, BLVCK Entertainment anticipates an array of remarkable projects.

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Despite considering himself a newcomer to the music industry, Boss Toyo has already released two songs on various music streaming platforms. Furthermore, he shares friendships with esteemed hip-hop artists such as Flow G, Honcho, and King Badger, who have inspired him to pursue a career as a rap artist.

Having endured a challenging journey marked by relentless hard work and perseverance, Boss Toyo has achieved significant success in his business career. Nevertheless, he aspires to explore new avenues, particularly within the music industry, with the aim of inspiring and motivating people through his music. “Rap Lord,” Boss Toyo’s debut song under BLVCK Music, was written by Engr. Louie Cristobal and Romel Afable, with JG Beats as the esteemed producer. The music video, directed by Edrex Sanchez, is now available on YouTube and various music streaming platforms. This marks the beginning of Boss Toyo and BLVCK Entertainment’s collaborative journey, with more captivating projects on the horizon.

The media conference and the release of Boss Toyo’s music video, “Rap Lord,” were made possible by the generous support of Alkaviva Waters Philippines, GLC Waters International, Grace Electronics Philippines, Blue Green Dragon Philippines, Cafe Gracia, LG Realty Development, and Blvck Creatives Studio.


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