Hit music acts are making the jump from the music scene to the silver screen. In particular, rap music artist Because and R&B acts JUST HUSH and Cean, Jr. All three are making their acting debut in the upcoming Vivamax movie “Sitio Diablo.”

Because is the rapper behind the hits “Marlboro Black,” “Sandali,” and “BMW,” JUST HUSH is the R&B singer behind “Maikee’s Letters,” “Shinobi” and “Masiram,” and O/C Records artist Cean Jr. is known for his singles “YK” and “Binibini” among others.

All three music artists are cast in the Roman Perez Jr-directed film. They join another rap music artist in actor/music artist Pio Balbuena. All of them are also contributing to the “Sitio Diablo” official soundtrack.

A highlight on the OST is a four-way collaboration between Because, Drizzy Ace, Cean Jr. and Pio Balbuena titled “Diablo.”

The rest of the tracks in the soundtrack sees collaborations between Because and Cean Jr. (“Usapan”), and guest rappers such as Drizzy Ace and FTD sharing verses with Because on songs such as “Sungay” and “Sungay Pt. 2.” Louna and Flow Minister also contributes on “Huwad.” While R&B specialist Cean Jr. goes solo on “Hirap O Sarap.”

All tracks for movie soundtrack are new originals made for the movie – a hiphop and R&B inflected collection to mirror the explicit action and violence that the movie reflects.

“Sitio Diablo” premiered on Vivamax last August 26. The film stars AJ Raval, Kiko Estrada, Benz Sangalang among other notable actors.

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