If you don’t see the big resemblance between Li Shang, the handsome Chinese prince in the Disney animated film “Mulan,” and Yoshi Sudarso, then you better go see an eye specialist. Like, seriously.

Yoshi (or Yoshua — his real name) hails from Indonesia and has moved to Los Angeles since he was nine with his family.

Now at 26 years old, Yoshi is a full time actor, stuntman, and social media star. He was last seen in the Hollywood movie “Maze Runner” and has been making viral Youtube videos with his brother, Peter.

yoshi sudarso as li shang in mulan

yoshi sudarso in maze runner

This year, he will also be appearing as Blue Dino Charge Ranger in the new series of our all-time childhood favorite, “Power Rangers.”

yoshi sudarso in power ranges

Everyone seems to be noticing him lately. Well, who wouldn’t? With that gorgeous face, a body-to-die-for, and an immense on-screen charisma and talent.


yoshi sudarso topless hunk instagram

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