I am a Red Dot Juanderer. And this is my Singapore story.

Hello! Thanks for visiting our Red Dot Juanderer page. I’m happy to share with you the chronicles of various Filipinos I’ve crossed paths with in Singapore, together with their beautiful portraits and personal stories. Singapore, which is also casually referred to as the Little Red Dot, has been a ‘home’ to around 200,000 Filipinos (including me) living and working in this city-state. I’ve decided to create this special section in our blog,, to feature their complex yet vibrant stories: humor, aspirations, flaws, successes, simplicity, greatness, inspirations, and all.

My Singapore story:

I first came here to Singapore in 2009 to attend the press launch of a luxury mobile phone while tasked to write a post-event feature as a contribution piece to a Philippine national broadsheet. While I was both working and holidaying during my first visit, the 23-year-old naive me immediately fell in love with the cleanliness, orderliness, and openness of this country. Seven months later, I decided to try my luck here in a PR agency where I eventually landed a job as a junior executive. I was primarily lured by the fact that I will gain independence for the very first time — I’m now a real adult, as they say. Away from my family, but still nearby — hey, it’s just a three and a half hour flight away from home anyway.

Who is the Red Dot Juanderer?

We are all personified by ‘JuanJuan The Great, Juan the Simple Man, Juan the Entrepreneur, Juan the Hero, Juan the Leader, Juan the Weak, Juan the Strong, and so on. We are the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos that have wandered abroad, away from our families and friends, in search of a new life (be it permanent or temporary) in the Little Red Dot (Singapore). And upon our arrivals, our work never stops as we continue to wander — sometimes idly, sometimes dynamically — as there’s no end to our lifelong journeys, dreams, and adventures. A Red Dot Juanderer is one who has an exceptional story to share to the world.

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Why create such a campaign?

Everyone has a remarkable story to share — but the fact is, with so much noise and distractions around, not everyone cares and dares to listen. I am here to listen to their stories, and hopefully also learn from our conversations.

I am a Red Dot Juanderer. And I have a story to tell.

About the Red Dot Juanderer:

We are constantly on the lookout for inspiring, aspirational, and relatable stories from our fellow Juans living and working in the Little Red Dot. If you know any Filipino in Singapore that should be our next Red Dot Juanderer, email us at [email protected] // Interviews and photos by Paolo Avis; Assisted by Jaypee Quitco


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Red Dot Juanderer: Janina Espinoza

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Living abroad for more than half a decade now, Paolo works in Singapore as a sales and marketing manager for a luxury travel publication. His creative urges can’t always be contained, hence photography, video documentaries, and blogging are his go-to forms of artistic release. Since he didn’t get to pursue TV production after getting a degree in Communication, Paolo now turns to Random Republika as an outlet to keep himself updated and to share his thoughts on what’s happening in showbiz and beyond. Follow his other stories via Instagram (@bigbluefish).

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