Multislashie mom Regine Tolentino admits the COVID-19 crisis has thrown challenges her way, especially after giving birth to her youngest daughter Rosie last April. During last week’s media conference for her newest endorsement, the host-actress-couturier’s glow did not show a sign of stress or struggle. We discovered her secret.

Glowing with gratitude

Life with a new baby is absolutely amazing. I’m doing great. I’m back to normal again after five and a half months of adjusting to being a mom again after so many years,” Regine excitedly talked about being a mom again after almost two decades. Masayang-masaya kami. The house is just bustling, full of joy. Life is good.”

When complimented by the host about looking like she did not give birth, Regine was quick to attribute her glow to motherhood. She said, “Grabe ka! Ikaw naman, lahat naman ganyan talaga after manganak. May natural glow talaga nanggagaling from being happy, super blessed, and grateful.”

Regine was teeming with gratitude during her Q&A. Aside from having a new baby and having her older daughters and supportive partner around, the happy mommy is also thankful to have a new endorsement – Radiance C, vitamin C supplement. “I am super humbled, very honored, and also very proud na ‘yung mga efforts ko to stay healthy, fit, sexy, and positive ay na-recognize nila. Kahit papaano, nagiging role model ako to other moms and women out there to take care of themselves. This is where I want to emphasize self-care. Or I want to call it self-love.

Beauty advice

Later during the interview, Regine’s daughter Reigne validated her statement by saying that “Taking care of yourself” is the best beauty advice she got from her mom. By taking care of one’s self, Regine meant looking at yourself as your best asset and always investing in it. “You really have to set time to take care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally. Hindi madali ‘yun gawin. It all starts with a healthy diet, time to fix up, dress up, maybe even put on a little makeup on, maybe even buy a few things para sa sarili mo.”

Regine with her 21-year old daughter Reigne

In particular, Regine said that working out, eating organic food (and less carbohydrates), taking care of her hair and skin, and putting an effort to make herself look good are her main beauty secrets. “Minsan maliit na bagay goes a very long way. Those little things keep me so excited about life, about myself, about how I am, and feel physically and mentally fit,” she said. “Kasama na rin dun ang pag-take ng tamang supplements so that you’re healthy from within. Importante ‘yun na hindi ka lang healthy, you’re also so strong and have immunity, especially now na lahat tayo praning lumabas.

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Radiating from within

During the mediacon, Regine talked about how thrilled she is to be a Radiance C endorser because she’s one with the brand in advocating beauty and good health especially at a time like this. “I’m excited to share the good news about immunity and all the other benefits. Nakakaganda, nakakabata, tapos healthy ka pa from within! Ayun, lumalabas talaga ang ganda mo. Nag-ra-radiate ka talaga ng beauty.

Feeling most beautiful

Speaking of beauty, I was interested to know when Regine, a mom in her forties who could pass off as her daughter’s sister, felt most beautiful in her life. She gave a really interesting answer.

Regine said, “I felt this last year not knowing that I was actually already pregnant. When I found out that I was pregnant, almost six months na ako because I was so busy doing all the shows and working and traveling a lot at that time. I felt so beautiful because I felt so healthy. I felt strong and I felt so empowered that I can wear the things that I want, I can move, and I can just be myself onstage or even at home. I just really enjoy ‘yung pagkababae ko, being me, a mom working at my age.

“I’m proud that in two days (September 8), I’m turning forty-two. I’m proud that you can still rock it, wear things, and feel beautiful and young. I felt so beautiful not even being dressed up, just being in the gym and being able to say, ‘Hey, I can lift these weights.’ It’s an accomplishment for me because it’s not easy to do that. Being stronger and fit helped me feel more beautiful.

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About Radiance C

Radiance C is the first and only US-made non-acidic vitamin C supplement in Wastsons that features a unique combination of seven powerful active ingredients all working in synergy to maximize vitamin C’s benefits.

Each capsule, priced at P11.00, contains the one-of-a-kind combination of calcium ascorbate, selenium, vitamin D3, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, calcium, collagen, and quercetin.

These active ingredients provide a wide variety of wellness and skin benefits and are also capable of working together with vitamin C to further enhance its overall effectiveness.


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