Almost two months ago, I visited Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore‘s newly opened Pürovel Spa & Sport for my much deserved 60-minute massage after a hard day’s work. Because we all deserve not just any type of pampering, but a luxurious one. 

The hotel, which recently undertook a massive makeover from the lobby to the Ellenborough Market Cafe, added the Pürovel facility in their property — their first Pürovel branch in Southeast Asia.

purovel spa swissotel merchant court singapore clark quay massage lobby

Reception Area

Prior to the massage, I was asked to fill up a health & wellness questionnaire asking me about my profile, which parts of my body I would like the therapist to focus more on, etc. I usually have massages monthly as my body easily get tensed or stressed and the regular spa visits help me relieve some aches especially around my shoulders & back.

“Alpine oil,” I said (without really realizing what kind of massage oil it was) to the female therapist assisting me when she asked me to pick among three options. In my mind, Alpine just sounded very Swiss, and well, chocolaty — it all just made sense to me. 

purovel spa swissotel merchant court singapore clark quay massage selfie pic

It was around 7 p.m. and I was the only guest in the spa. I had the entire facility to myself, hence the shameless bathroom selfies I took.

At the instruction of my therapist, I buried my head on the massage bed and slept and indulged for the entire duration of the massage. Unlike other spas which play the usual ambient music (birds chirping, water flowing, and bamboo flutes making relaxing tunes), Pürovel was playing slow modern music and I was happily imagining myself having coffee in a hotel lounge somewhere.

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Although my therapist could use a little bit more strength in her presses, her strokes were amazingly flawless. Her massage techniques have easily put me to sleep – as if they were heaven-sent lullabies to relieve from these worldly stresses (for at least an hour).

purovel spa swissotel merchant court singapore clark quay massage

For more information about the Pürovel Spa & Sport, visit: Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore’s website.