Growing up in a family of artists, Charlie Barredo didn’t initially envision her dreams of becoming a journalist coming to fruition the way they did. She was lucky to have the unwavering support of her parents, Carmen Barredo and Zenaida Amador, founders of Repertory Philippines, in her journalism career.

“Theater was fun. But in the long run, I knew I wanted to pursue something else. I’m very grateful that Mama and Tata were supportive. They never pressured me to do things I didn’t want to do.”

Charlie attended Assumption College and furthered her studies in Europe after graduation. Despite her privileged background, she had to climb the ladder in various mainstream broadcasting companies.

“There were no shortcuts for me when I started out. I would do anchoring jobs before but I also did a lot of fieldwork. But just like everyone else, I would research, write, and even do the teleprompter at times.”

In 2021, during the pandemic, Charlie founded ‘Buzz Beat Media,’ a news outlet committed to journalistic standards.

Just like any start-up, Buzz Beat Media took time to grow. Even now, Charlie works tirelessly to ensure its success. Three years later, she credits her achievements to divine providence and a lucrative partnership with Telum Media.

“I can’t believe it! Early in 2023, I was picturing all the coverages I wanted to do abroad in my head. Then in December that same year I was able to attend my first international coverage in Hong Kong. Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia followed afterwards. Hopefully my coverages in Europe and in South/Central America will push through in the future. Don’t get me wrong though, I still have a long way to go.”

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She continued, “The Oscars, Golden Globes, Met Gala, Cannes Film Festival, Grammys, Paris/London/NewYork Fashion Week, Presscons at the White House and Buckingham Palace, are just some of the few places or events I would like to cover.”

“But I would also like to travel to other unique places where missionary work is done.”


When she’s not immersed in her journalistic duties, Charlie is involved in projects in Baguio, a role that came unexpectedly.

“I never expected that I would ever be an entrepreneur because I never really had the heart for it and I’m just not a business-minded person. I’m not a competitive person either, and there are times when I feel uneasy having to deal with super serious business-minded individuals. I mean I work diligently but I still have that happy-go-lucky side of me.”

Charlie adds, “Why do I do this then? To help. God has blessed me with so much so I think I should use my resources, make them grow so I can give back. There will come a time when I will lay low as a journalist and an (reluctant) entrepreneur then I’ll just focus on being a philanthropist.”

Despite not having a business-oriented mindset, Charlie has accomplished a lot by founding her news outlet and pursuing her project in Baguio, attributing her success to God’s grace.


To this day, Charlie is amazed that what she once envisioned is now a reality, which she considers blessings from God through her practice of tithing.

“I’m very grateful to God for everything that he has given me. I never take credit for my achievements. All of these blessings are from the Lord, which should be shared with others and shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

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“Your life isn’t dependent on the conditions of the world nor the opinions of other people. So whenever I feel discouraged I continue to trust God and I keep going.”

For Charlie, tithing is a priority. She shares that it’s her duty and that it brings her happiness.

“Not a lot of people believe in tithing, let alone giving 10% of what you earn. But that’s up to them. I do this because I want to, without expecting anything in return. I’m aware that God doesn’t want our money, but I feel deep in my heart that it would please God that I do this so I can help other people.”


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