Without a doubt, ‘Yaya Dub’ Maine Mendoza is one of today’s most effective brand ambassadors. After the reported 470% increase in sales of a fastfood chain and the sold out merchandise of an international cellphone brand sherecently endorsed, word has it that she has caused the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick shade to get sold out in different local branches. As reported by chuvaness.com, inquiries on what was referred to as the ‘Yaya Dub lipstick’ have been received by the popular makeup brand. How amazing is that? Maine Mendoza isn’t an official endorser (at least not yet!) of the makeup brand but consumers were able to associate it with her!

Well, we can’t blame the fans who want to copy her look. The red lipstick look does give character to Yaya Dub and adds that signature touch to her noticeably plump lips. In case you’re interested in what shades she particularly likes, we were able to find her answers to a beauty query she responded to a few months ago. Through question-and-answer site ask.fm, Yaya Dub/Maine shares her preferred lipstick shades. Read on to find out.

MAC Lipsticks Philippines MAC branches

UPDATE: Great news! 🙂 I visited the MAC Glorietta 3 branch and was informed that they have stocks of the Ruby Woo. 😉 Each lipstick is Php1,000.

Asked about what light colored lipstick shades she likes:
“I don’t have much light colored lipstick! Nude shades lang. MAC Velvet Teddy, Faux, and Brave na yung lightest that I have.”

Velvet Teddy MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub copy


Faux MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub


Brave MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub copy


Asked by a lipstick newbie on what MAC shades she’ll recommend given options like Brave, Taupe, Faux, Creme d’nude, Mehr, and Diva:

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“Hi! It actually depends on what shade of nude looks good on you. Faux is my personal favorite! Brave is nice as well. I don’t like Taupe though (I find it a little dark and doesn’t look good on me for some reason) however, Velvet Teddy is a little lighter than Taupe. 

Go get yourself a red lipstick! It’s a must. You could choose from Russian Red/Ruby Woo (they kind of have the same shade) or Viva Glam I. If you love deep shades of red then I’d suggest you get Sin or Diva

Russian Red MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub


Ruby Woo MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub


Viva Glam I MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub copy


Sin MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub


Diva MAC Lipstick Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza AlDub


I was never a fan of pink lippies but I think I have found the perfect shade of dark pink lipstick for me. Go check Flat Out Fabulous and see if you’ll like it. 

Flat Out Fabulous


There are cheaper alternatives though! Revlon has really great nude and red lippies as well. 


If you are light-skinned, then you shouldn’t wear dark shades of lipstick. Nude and pink would ALWAYS be better on you. 

Always apply lip liner first (on your whole lips and not just for outlining purposes) especially if you’re planning on wearing read lipsticks. Use the same shade of lip liner or a shade darker. They do make your lipstick stay on longer and it gives your lips a smooth shape. (You could also use it to make your lips look fuller if you have thin lips.)

Try different brands and shades of lipstick and see what’s best on you. It doesn’t always have to be MAC or anything expensive. Some drugstore makeups are good as well. Provide yourself with a variety of options to try! 🙂  Hope this helps!”

Images courtesy of official MAC website and Instagram (@mainedcm, @juansarte, and @kristbansuelo)

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