After Kapamilya loveteam KathNiel received criticisms for viral photos showing them holding their ballots (Read HERE), Daniel Padilla’s uncle Robin Padilla and his wife Mariel Rodriguez also went under fire as netizens called out their alleged violations of voting rules. The specific rules being pointed out are  the prohibition of taking photos of filled out ballots and bringing of campaign materials to the voting precinct.

Robin is getting flak for having posted a collaged photo of a shaded ballot (Robin said it was not his official ballot) and his wife Mariel for reportedly wearing a shirt with the label DU30 (monicker for presidential candidate Rodrigo “Rody”  Duterte). Images for both cases have now been taken down from Instagram. Both husband and wife are proud Duterte supporters.

Featured screenshots taken from @marieltpadilla and @robinhoodpadilla’s Instagram accounts.

An hour ago, Mariel shared her thoughts on the incident and apologized if she has offended anyone.  She emphasized it was not her intenion to break any of  the rules. Here’s her post:

honestly, i really don’t think that i did anything unlawful. i have reviewed the reminders of the voting rules. 1. i did not take photos inside the precinct because the comelec in charge told me it was not allowed. photo was taken in my personal car and outside the precinct where volunteers took photos with me as well so I thought I didn’t disobey any rule. 2. noone has seen my ballot. 3. i am aware that you are not allowed to wear a shirt that states the NAME of your candidate or his/her face. DU30 is not his name. if i have offended anyone i humbly ask for your forgiveness but it was never my intention to break the rules. Thank you for your understanding. ?

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Robin Padilla shares letter from his lawyer:

i am posting this letter from my lawyer to inform the public that i am not tolerating the present Assassination of my character.My Honor is the only thing that i have in my life, Freedom was taken away from me since 1995 presently i am still in conditional pardon without any civil rights.2013 came This Government took away my Right to bear Arms and left me defenseless against evil and political gangsters and now 2016 elections came, me without any Voting Rights am being judged by some netizens for violating election rules while voting. If i did something to this effect i am calling the comelec to arrest me and put me to jail if proven that i went to a precinct, voted and took pictures of an official ballot.if proven otherwise then the legal battle should start and make the guilty answer for their actions especially the bullying.

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