With the current baby boom that involves both celebrities and non-celebrities alike, there’s a growing interest in anything pregnancy-related. 🙂 One of the major mommy issues is the milk supply. No matter how willing some moms are to purely breasfeed their babies, some of them just don’t have enough to give their milk-hungry little ones. It’s a good thing more options are available now. Aside from the usual methods of water hydration, loading up on soups and malunggay, and intake of supplements, moms can also indulge in treats to boost their milk tanks. These milk boosters in disguise are more popularly known as lactation cookies.

Through positive feedback from friends, we recommend actress-host-homebaker Bettinna CarlosMilking Bombs. Some say these goodies are just as good as her signature cookies called Nutella Rocks. For direct information, we chatted with our good friend Angel Harris, a diligent breastfeeding mom for almost half a year now, and here’s what she has to say about Bettinna’s lactation cookies. She first purchased and tried the cookies last August.

“I loooovvvvveee milking bombs! Among all the lactation cookies I’ve tried, it’s the best. I don’t need to eat more than 1 cookie to produce more milk unlike the others. The milking bombs taste like real cookies, super chocolatey and oat-ey! Hehe. I think I will miss eating milking bombs after I’m done with breastfeeding”

Angel also shared that she experienced the increase  in milk supply within the day (on the next pumping session) of eating the cookies. Angel purely breastfed her son Nicholas (a cutie!!!) for five and a half months. Direct feeding was done for a week and the rest has been through breast pumping. As of the moment, Nicholas is already on mixed feeding with organic formula milk. It does look like Angel’s doing a great job — just take a look at 5-month old Nicholas and you’ll know what we’re saying.     NOTE: You’re not supposed to eat a dozen milking bombs in one sitting, okay? 🙂 A piece or two will do. The cookies are made out of rolled oats, flaxseed meal, Fenugreek seeds, and brewer’s yeast. (A dozen is priced at Php450. That’s roughly Php40 per piece.)  

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MILKING BOMB Baby — Nicholas Harris 🙂


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