The season for Flores de Mayo (“Flowers of May” festival) is just around the corner and we’re pretty sure the pageant organizers in various little towns in the Philippines are already in the look out for their next Reyna Emperatriz and Reyna Elena in their respective barangays. 

For a nation like us who fancy both religion mixed with deeply-rooted Pinoy traditions, a Santacruzan/Sagala (a pageant held on the last day of Flores de Mayo in honor of Helena of Constantinople and Constantine the Great who were in search of the True Cross in Jerusalem back in the day) becomes an annual vibrant fiesta staple in the country.

It’s a celebration of colors and beauty: where lovely ladies are encouraged to take part in a town procession with their equally dashing consorts, while imitating various biblical and Mary-related (mother of Jesus) characters.

Each mimicked icon aims to depict certain religious symbolisms while imparting values and–to some degree–Christian faith.

Here we’ve listed 24 Marian titles that typically parade their way in a Santacruzan.

But to help us understand each character better, we’ve casted top local female celebrities as our reynas based on the descriptions of each title.

Wait, what if they really all are in just one prusisyon? Shucks, kagulo! Ang saya!

Let us know if you agree with our list by commenting below:

Source for the descriptions below: Wikipedia

Reyna Abogada iza calzado flores de mayo

  1. Reyna Abogada(Queen Advocate/Lawyer) – Iza Calzado

Defender of the poor and the oppressed, she wears a black mortarboard cap, Graduation gown, and carries a large book. Her appearance is a representation of Mary, Help (Advocate) of Christians. In some Santacruzan processions, the figure of the Doctora (“female doctor”) also makes an appearance, which may allude to “Mary, Health of the Sick”.

jennlyn mercado as reyna justicia

  1. Reyna Justícia (Queen Justice) – Jennlyn Mercado
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A personification of the “Mirror of Justice”, her attributes are a weighing scale and a sword.

janella salvador flores de mayo as divina pastora

  1. Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess) – Janella Salvador

Bears a shepherd’s staff.

reyna de los angeles flores de mayo angel locsin

  1. Reyna de los Ángeles (Queen of Angels) – Angel Locsin

Bears a bouquet of white flowers, and is escorted by angels.

 luklukan ng karunungan santacruzan kc concepcion

  1. Luklukan ng Karunungan (Seat of Wisdom) – KC Concepcion

Carries a Bible.

erich gonzales flores de mayo susi ng langit

  1. Susì ng Langit (Key of Heaven) – Erich Gonzales

Bears two keys, one gold and the other silver, a design adapted from the keys on the Papal arms.

kris aquino reyna de las estrellas

  1. Reyna de las Estrellas (Queen of the Stars) – Kris Aquino

Holds a wand topped with a star.

julia baretto rosa mystika flores de mayo

  1. Rosa Mística (Mystical Rose) – Julia Barretto

Carries a bouquet of roses.

coleen garcia as puso ni maria flores de mayo

  1. Pusò ni María/Corazón de María (Heart of Mary) – Coleen Garcia

A pink heart.

shaina magdayao Reyna del Santísimo Rosario flores de mayo

  1. Reyna del Santísimo Rosario (Queen of the Most Holy Rosary) – Shaina Magdayao

She carries a large rosary.

reyna luna maja salvador flores de mayo

  1. Reyna Luna (Queen Moon) – Maja Salvador

She represents the moon, which serves as the footstool of Mary as the Woman of the Apocalypse.

liza soberano reyna candelaria flores de mayo

  1. Reyna Candelária (Queen of Candles) – Liza Soberano

She carries a long, lit taper, symbolising the Purification of Mary.

megan young reyna de la paz flores de mayo

  1. Reyna de la Paz (Queen of Peace) – Megan Young

A dove, real or otherwise.

heart evangelista flores de mayo reyna de patriarcas

  1. Reyna de los Patriarcas (Queen of Patriarchs) – Heart Evangelista

Bears a wooden rod.

carla abellana reyna de los profetas flores de mayo

  1. Reyna de los Profetas (Queen of Prophets) – Carla Abellana

An hourglass.

reyna de los confesores julia montes flores de mayo

  1. Reyna de los Confesores (Queen of Confessors) – Julia Montes

A scroll.

jessy mendiola reyna de los martires

  1. Reyna de los Mártires (Queen of Martyrs) – Jessy Mendiola

The Crown of thornsor a pierced heart, representing the Mater Dolorosa.

kathryn bernardo reyna de los apostoles flores de mayo

  1. Reyna de los Apóstoles (Queen of Apostles) – Kathryn Bernardo
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The palm of martyrdom.

bea alonzo reyna de los santos flores de mayo

  1. Reyna de los Santos (Queen of Saints) – Bea Alonzo

A golden wreath, symbolic of the crown of the saints.

marian rivera reyna del cielo flores de mayo

  1. Reyna del Cielo (Queen of Heaven) – Marian Rivera 

A flower; accompanied by two little “angels.”

toni gonzaga reyna de las virgines

  1. Reyna de las Vírgenes (Queen of Virgins) – Toni Gonzaga

A rosary or a lily, the latter signifying chastity; also escorted by two little “angels.”

kim chiu reyna de las flores flores de mayo

  1. Reyna de las Flores (Queen of Flowers) – Kim Chiu

The Queen of the Flores de Mayo. She carries a bouquet of flowers.

reyna emperatriz anne curtis flores de mayo

  1. Reyna Emperatríz (Queen Empress) – Anne Curtis

This is another representation of Saint Helena, this time alluding to the imperial Roman title of Augusta(meaning ’empress’ or ‘queen mother’) which Constantine had bestowed upon her.

sarah geronimo and matteo guidicelli flores de mayo reyna elena

  1. Reyna Elena (Queen Helena) – Sarah Geronimo

Always the last member of the procession, she is the actual personification of Helena of Constantinople, whose Invention of the True Cross is symbolised by her attribute: a small cross or crucifixthat she carries in her arms. This considerably prestigious role is usually awarded to the most beautiful girl participating in the pageant. In some communities, the identity of the maiden playing Reyna Elena is a closely guarded secret until the event itself, while other places are a bit more accommodating, boasting of three Reynas Elenas in their Santacruzan.

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