Shaniah Llane Rollo has that pristine, soulful voice we would all love to listen to. She first captivated the hearts of millions at the young age of 13 when she sang a riveting rendition of True Colors at “Ireland’s Got Talent.” The judges and viewers worldwide held their breath, enthralled by her heavenly, angelic voice. At the onset of her surprising debut, she received nothing less than a standing ovation and performed a noteworthy pitch perfect performance. Without a doubt, Shaniah’s phenomenal voice will grace the world in the years to come.

Her youthful innocence, striking humility, and charming intelligence makes her graceful presence more riveting, and her songs more inviting and heart-warming. As she sets her own unique mark in the world, she recognizes her parents and older siblings as the first people who opened her world to the love of music, amplified by her other major influencers – Shaniah Twain, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Jimin of BTS KPop, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Moira Dela Torre, Sam Concepcion, and Yeng Constantino.

A Prodigy Singer, Born to Captivate Many Hearts 

Born in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines to both highly musical parents and family, it was apparent that she was born to live up to her name’s deeper meaning, “God’s gracious gift”, as she began to exhibit her fascination for music at a very young age. Just like any child prodigy, her musicality became evident even before she was a year old- she started to sing different genres, and eventually, played with various musical instruments and wrote her own songs.

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RJA Productions LLC’s CEO and Founder is one of those people who felt drawn to this prodigy singer, highly impressed by her most angelic and versatile voice. As Rosabella Jao-Arribas said, “Shaniah’s voice is meant to create a ripple effect in the music industry worldwide… her phenomenal talent is meant to be heard by everyone in the world. I’m simply here to help make that happen.” Rosabella acknowledges her composer friend, Nathaniel Cabanero, who is also based in Ireland, as the person instrumental to this rare discovery.

Her Journey to Musical Greatness Just Began

Shaniah’s pure courage and brilliance shone brighter as the world witnessed her conquering the stage in a new country that she barely knew back in 2018. It is also quite impressive to see her depth as a person and how being authentic is incredibly important to her… an honorable trait that makes Shaniah even more special and unique to other singers her age.

Highlighting this special trait, it was no surprise that she sang her own rendition of True Colors (by Cindi Lauper) and Wings (by Birdy) for 2018 Ireland’s Got Talent; and proudly composed and sang an original Irish Gaelic song for 2018 Ireland’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a very bold gesture of appreciation and love for her new adopted country.

Truly, Shaniah’s blossoming debut has been quite a journey in the past two years as she became part of these amazing opportunities:

● 2018 Ireland’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist

● 2018 She was invited and interviewed to join ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother Teens but declined due to relocation issues.

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● 2018 Ireland’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest First Runner up

● August 2019 ABS CBN iwant ASAP guest

Fans worldwide look forward to Shaniah’s first album, showcasing her depth as a singer and her for language and culture. She will be featuring her own rendition of the very popular French song called “La Vie En Rose,” an incredible feat that only a true talented singer can successfully sing in its original language.

Living Her Own Song

Surrounded by warmth and unconditional love by her entire family, Shaniah has been so fortunate to write her own life’s story and future where music, family, faith, and education are in its core. She is currently flourishing as a consistent class achiever at St. Mary’s Secondary School in Glasnevin, Dublin, with a goal of pursuing her love for business and accounting in the future.

She also sings videoke at home at every opportunity to hone her talent naturally. She feels grateful having been a part of Brightlights- a group of Filipino singers who are also champions in various singing competitions in Ireland. She also loves playing ukelele, guitar, and piano whenever possible.

Raised in a close-knit family, she always looks forward to her Mom’s home-cooked Filipino dishes adobo and dinuguan, and finds joy in playing the guitar with her Dad. She also endearingly misses her grandparents, and her older siblings Mia and Gian and their families who all live in the Philippines. It is her hope that, someday, she can be reunited with her siblings and their families in Ireland.

Check out some of her Youtube videos:

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