“Sana, sana, sana!” Promising singer-actress Aubrey Caraan returns with new music and a new found love for writing. Her recent song is beautifully written and arranged. Plus it is sticky! I keep singing it in my head.

The artist, just like her song, is filled with hope! After an experience-filled detour into acting on TV and film, singer-actress Girl Aubrey Caraan is back with a brand new single titled “Sana.” Written by Aubrey and Sean Cedro, this surging, mid-tempo R&B flavored pop track takes the former Pop Girl into new musical territory.

The moody, electro pop souding “Sana” is Aubrey’s first foray into songwriting. And it was composer Sean Cedro who pushed Aubrey to write. “It’s my first time to co-write. And Sean (Cedro) convinced me to try it. It was hard at first but eventually I was able to enjoy the process.”

Here, Aubrey eventually found out the basics of lyric writing. “Mahirap pala kung ilalagay mo sa lyrics yung nararamdaman mo. Hindi pala dapat siya literal. Dapat may meaning, may puso, may bigat (ang mga lyrics). Dun ako nahirapan but I learned eventually. And once we knew the direction of where the song wanted to go, it became a smoother writing process for me.”

“’Sana’ is about wishful love,” said Aubrey, adding that “the song’s lyrics is basically like a dream that you want to become a reality, and its also about hope.”

And those hopes and dreams that Aubrey is referring to is to be successful at what she does.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time now, I started as a music artist, even before I acted on movies, sana I have a long career doing these things, especially in music.”

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“Ang meron kasi sa music na hindi ko mahahanap sa iba is yung puso,” said Aubrey. “Sa music kasi nag-ko connect lahat. I mean, different songs mean different things to me, some songs give me hope, gives me happiness, or nakakatulong sakin to relieve my stress. Iba talaga ang nabibigay sa kin ng music, Aubrey explains. “That’s why I keep on pushing on doing this. It gives me so much and music does really help me in many ways as a person.”

“I’m definitely going to write some more. We (Sean Cedro) already have plans to write again. I really enjoyed doing it. And for me, I feel good singing my own song. It feels different.”

“Nakaka-proud singing my own song.”

Aubrey Caraan launched her official music video for “Sana” –directed by Raymond Fabian and featuring Jairus Aquino as Aubrey’s co-star–on digital platforms (YouTube) last November 11.


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