Faced with a challenging situation, we often feel afraid which drains our enthusiasm and joy. But we don’t have to be scared for the strength to overcome an adversity lies within, the encouragement we seek starts with us. 

“Kaibigan,” a song written and performed by singer-songwriter Marq Dollentes conveys such a timely message as we are all facing a challenging situation that is the pandemic. Marq shared, “I wrote the song sometime during the height of the pandemic just to remind and encourage myself and whoever is listening, to keep on going with life and know that there is that power within us that can turn the greatest challenges into triumphs of the soul. The message of the song is to not be afraid.” “Kaibigan” is his first single produced by Blackbox Records headed by Carlo Alvarez with music arrangement by Sean Tuesday.

In composing songs, Marq revealed, “I draw inspiration from my experiences, what I’m going through at the moment, as well as from life lessons and what’s going on around me. I usually write the lyrics first without the melody and then afterwards, I can sense the melody bubbling up within me so I go and record myself singing the lyrics.” He stated that his music is a fusion of R&B, soul, pop, and a bit of rock. 

A prolific composer, Marq released his first studio album, “Kathang Puso” in 2018 which features 12 of his compositions. During the election season, Marq penned the song  

“Kulay Rosas ang Bukas” which he performed in the Leni Robredo rallies and co-wrote the song called “Titindig Ako” that Kuh Ledesma sang which was turned into a music video specifically created for the same campaign sorties. He also composed “Dear World,”  an inspirational anthem dedicated to Supertyphoon “Yolanda” victims which features singers like Jona Viray and Tim Pavino.

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Between singing and songwriting, Marq finds singing more challenging, “Singing in front of a crowd is really demanding because you have to be in your element, but it’s also the most rewarding. This campaign season, I sang for a number of rallies of VP Leni. The first rally I performed at was in Bacolod with an unbelievably huge crowd of 80,000 people. I was so nervous but I managed to give the audience my best.”

Marq likes to explore other creative passions as well. He is a creative associate for Kuh Ledesma, wherein he helps conceptualize and mount several of the renowned singer’s concerts. The talented artist also appeared in a number of indie films, with the latest being “Coronaphobia” written and directed by Njel De Mesa with Paolo Paraiso, Will Devaughn, Daiana Menezes, Tommie King and Cay Kuijpers as some of the cast members. 

“The movie is about four tourists who are stuck in the hotel they are staying in. Being broke, they plan to steal from a building so they can return to their countries. I’m the receptionist who helps them plan the heist,” Marq added.

Asked if he will also pursue a career in acting, Marq answered, “As of now, I’m more focused on producing my own music and videos. But sometimes, I get called by some of my director friends to do such fascinating roles in their movies and of course, I say yes.” 

Gifted with multiple talents, Marq is always looking for ways where he can share his gifts with everyone. With his vast creativity, we can expect limitless offerings from the multi-talented artist. 

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You can now listen to “Kaibigan” on all streaming platforms. Visit Blackbox Records’ website for updates. To know more about Marq Dollentes, subscribe to his social media channels. 


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