Six Degrees of Separation: everyone and everything are connected in this world through a chain of acquaintances; that we are only six degrees away–and plausibly six friends away–from being associated to another person.

Bali was meant to happen, one way or another. 

I was with a crew that I never thought I’ll be able to pull together in one holiday. But it was meant to happen eventually–last September and on my 30th.

My sister, my partner, my best friend and myself in the same island for five days. I was probably with the best crew who were closest and dearest to me (minus my parents who were then left at home, in Manila).

The thought of having them was both nerve-wracking and amusing. Different personalities with different roles portrayed in my life. How do you then glue everyone together? I was also probably overthinking as there’s really no need to worry so much about that. And Bali was magical; it did most of the “gluing” work to be done.

From staying in a luxury resort to trying out their local two dollar babi guling meals, each day was quite a memorable experience. Definitely one for the books!

Rather than focusing on the destination, my favorite part during the trip were our endless banters. Something I miss every time I think of Bali up till this very day.

Ubud Monkey Forest

ubud monkey forest

ubud monkey forest statues

Tanah Lot


tanah lot waves rocks bali indonesia

tanah lot with friends in bali indonesia

Waterblow at Nusa Dua


waterblow at nusa dua bali indonesia waves rocks

Geger Beach at Nusa Dua 

geger beach sand near mulia hotel bali

gigger beach bali indonesia

The Kecak Fire Dance and Sunset Viewing at Uluwatu Temple

uluwatu temple at sunset in bali indonesia

rama and sita kecak fire dance at uluwatu temple bali sunset viewing

Cocktails at Rock Bar, Ayana Resort & Spa

sunset at rock bar ayana hotel resort bali cocktails

sunset at rock bar ayana resort bali cocktails friday night

rock bar at ayana resort and spa bali pool

Mama San Restaurant & Bar

mamasan bali restaurant best in bali indonesia local food

Kuta Beach

kuta beach local people balines processin tradition

balines procession in kuta beach bali


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