Rising Sparkle artist Kelvin Miranda, known for his captivating roles in various GMA projects, has taken on a new lead role in the romantic-comedy movie “Missed Connections.” The film is now streaming on Netflix. Alongside him are co-stars Miles Ocampo and Chie Filomeno, with direction by Jelise Chung.

The film revolves around an unexpected encounter between Mae (Miles Ocampo) and Norman (Kelvin Miranda) in a grocery store. It delves into the relatable themes of loneliness and love, striking a chord with audiences. For Kelvin, portraying the character of Norman proved to be a challenging task due to the character’s “awkward” personality. While he had previously played a character with similar traits in the film “Dead Kids,” the challenge here was to create a distinct portrayal that was different from his previous role.

Kelvin admits that he didn’t anticipate landing the role after auditioning, which adds to his gratitude for this project. He also highlights that this is the first time he has portrayed a character who isn’t a playboy or a bad boy, offering a refreshing departure from his previous roles. Working with Miles and Chie for the first time, Kelvin commends their professionalism and collaborative spirit as fellow actresses.

Expressing his appreciation, Kelvin acknowledges the unwavering support of GMA Sparkle Artist and their commitment to his projects. He is dedicated to putting in his best efforts for every opportunity and project that GMA provides.

The movie “Missed Connections” is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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