Gold medalist and lone swimmer Jush Reinan Rosales is one of this year’s candidates at the 2017 Gentlemen of The Philippines. The 19-year old, 6-foot tall athlete-model from Mulanay, Quezon is tagged by his friends as the darling of the audience in the male pageant. His runway and modeling experience must have trained Jush enough to charm the crowd. From being one of the favorites among top designers in Quezon, Jush is excited to show what he got this time in the national competition.

Inspired by the support he is getting from his peers, family and girlfriend, Jush aspires to surpass all the challenges in this competition and hoping to bag an international title for the Philippines someday. His passion for and dedication to sports also make him stand out in the competition.

“I consider swimming as my craft for I have been comfortable working out in the water for nearly 10 years,” Jush shared. “I am also into basketball and go to gym regularly and always make sure I have time for my friends.”

In a conversation about how he started in his sports, Jush proudly shared it was his mom who inspired him to try swimming. He recalled being a fat kid made him realized that staying fit is the way to a healthy lifestyle. And he is up to maintain that goal. When asked about joining showbiz he simply answered, “Why not? But I have to have to find time for my sports as well.”

Jush Reinan Rosales, 19 | Jush was surprised to see the efforts of his supporters. Numerous banners in various towns in Quezon pledging support for Jush are in place.

You too can take part in the search- simply join the Facebook voting for your favorite “Gentlemen of the Philippines’ candidate. Like the Facebook Pages of Gentlemen of the Philippines and Sash Factor then like or share Jush’s photo HERE.

Finals night of the Gentlemen of the Philippines will be on September 9 at the Grand Ballroom of
Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City.

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