For several weeks now, I have been procrastinating writing this blog post about my recent trip to Taipei. Well, it takes time to sort out photos that are worthy to be shared online. And it definitely takes more time to edit each one (now you know… I’m kinda obsessive-compulsive editing my photos).

I’ve invited three of my friends to join me for a Taipei adventure back in April. We’ve booked our tickets prior to checking the weather, and turns out, it was a rainy season in Taiwan. We were lucky enough to have Mr. Sunshine almost two out of the four days we were actually there, hence it wasn’t that bad after all…

I’ve decided to write this first Taipei post in honor of our lovely host and a dear friend of mine who has been living in the Taiwanese capital for almost two years now. Instead of staying in expensive hotels, he saved us from the burden of spending hundreds of dollars on accommodations, which easily translates to more budget to be allocated to SHOPPING instead.

When we arrived at his place, we immediately fell in love with his well put-together abode and beautiful interiors. As he was the only one residing in the whole flat at that time, we basically had the freedom to enjoy the house to ourselves. It almost felt like we booked our very own serviced residences or flat from Airbnb. Being a sweet and courteous host that he is, he welcomed us with a special bouquet of flowers carefully arranged in the center table (pictured above), lounge music was already playing at the background, and he also served us wine while we exchange kamustahans and chikahans. 

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Check out one of the cool guest rooms we stayed at (funky headboard by the way!):

The master bedroom is open at all times with the caricature of Marilyn Monroe welcoming you in the hallway…

His house had several little cute decors bought from different parts of the world

Here’s an oil painting from Ubud, Bali hanging in the dining area, which I secretly wanted to take home…


I also love his Japanese-inspired bathroom. And it helps that the gents’ urinal is separated from the toilet bowl… and the toilet bowl, oh the toilet bowl, it had all the savvy buttons on it including a seat warmer and blow dryer for your lovely ass.

The shower area also had a little wooden corner at the side where you can sit down and relax while you give your body a nice scrub…


I’ll be posting more stories about my Taipei Adventure in the coming days. So do come back later on.

Meanwhile, here’s an awesome photo of the streets of Taipei I took from the Observation Deck of Taipei 101. 

And to introduce you to my friends, here’s my Taipei Crew with their solo OOTD shots: