Note: As of this writing, The Achy Breaky Hearts is a certified box-office hit as it grossed Php14M on its opening day (June 29).

There were alternating moments of laughter, kilig shrieks, and silence inside the cinema when I watched Star Cinema’s The Achy Breaky Hearts last Wednesday at the JoChard Official’s block screening. The cinema scene captures how the romantic comedy film got us into a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment you’ll find yourself laughing over a funny quip and then you may be wiping your tears next.  Richard Yap, Ian Veneracion, and Jodi Sta. Maria were perfectly cast for their roles.

Jodi plays Chinggay, a 30-year old single woman being pressured by people around her to get married. In her quest for the right man, she finds herself entangled between her ex-boyfriend Frank (Richard Yap) and long-time crush-slash-business client Ryan (Ian Veneracion). On one hand, Frank is Chinggay’s ex-boyfriend from seven years ago trying to win her back, convincing her he’s a changed man. Ryan, on the other hand, is Chinggay’s business client-turned-suitor after she helped him recover from a rejected marriage proposal.

Without giving away the ending, it’s safe to say that you’re in for almost equal amounts of kilig moments whether you’re a JodIan (Team Tisoy) or a JoChard (Team Chinoy) fan. It’s just that you have to be emotionally prepared for the choice Chinggay makes in the end. Only one team has to win.

3 Star Cinema Box-Office Hit The Achy Breaky Hearts Jodi Sta. Maria Ian veneracion Richard Yap Review team CHinggay Team Tisoy Team Chinoy Jochard Jodian

Since I’m not revealing if it’s Team Tisoy or Team Chinoy which emerged victorious, let’s focus on the real winnerJodi Sta. Maria and her portrayal. We’ve seen her goof around and let loose in Be Careful with my Heart as Maya, showcase her dramatic prowess in Pangako Sa’Yo as Amor Powers and this time, Jodi shines as the relatable yet inspiring Chinggay in the film. What really stood out was that must-watch scene where you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry as Jodi becomes both a clown and a tearjerker at the same time. That one deserves a slow clap (I’m sure you’ll know which scene that is when you watch the film). It was impressive how Jodi constantly and smoothly switched from comedy to drama in the story. Additionally, how can she not be a winner when two gorgeous men are battling it out to win her heart in the film?

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2 Star Cinema Box-Office Hit The Achy Breaky Hearts Jodi Sta. Maria Ian veneracion Richard Yap Review team CHinggay Team Tisoy Team Chinoy Jochard Jodian

Complementing Jodi’s perfect fit for her character were her leading men Richard and Ian. Both were their usual charming selves in the film, totally crush-worthy and rocking the bachelor roles! You should have seen how some Lolas got those kilig feels inside the cinema. Some were quietly swooning while others joined the screaming when Richard and Ian had intimate moments with Jodi onscreen. While watching, the reality that Richard and Ian are real-life dads in their 40s completely flies off the window and you simply see them as Frank and Ryan. Their individual chemistries with Jodi were reinforced and magnified in the film. Put all together, the three stars created a visual feast.

1 Star Cinema Box-Office Hit The Achy Breaky Hearts Jodi Sta. Maria Ian veneracion Richard Yap Review team CHinggay Team Tisoy Team Chinoy Jochard Jodian

To sum it all up, The Achy Breaky Hearts is a feel-good love story that is not limited to romantic love. The story branches out to love for life, family, friends, and most importantly, for one’s self. At a time when many are making single individuals at a certain age bracket feel inferior and inadequate, Chinggay takes a different spin and empowers them. She becomes a reminder that falling in love does not depend on age and there is no guilt in putting a premium on yourself. Chinggay’s proof that love finds (and chases you) when you learn to love and value yourself. Settling should never be an option especially if it is only to live up to others’ expectations.

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Thanks to the JoChard Official group for inviting us to their block screening. Here’s a peek to their organized event through our Snapchat story:

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