Both pretty and talented, Jane Oineza and Kathryn Bernardo practically grew up together in the industry as they started out in the kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit. Now, it’s sad how the two are being pitted against each other after Jane gave out a “No comment” response when someone asked inside the PBB house if Kathryn had any surgical enhancement done on her. Big Brother gave Jane and Kathryn the chance to clarify the issue but as public figures, they are subject to criticism and judgment. Opinions are still flooding as netizens involve themselves through social media comments.
With the points raised by both Team Jane (those who believe Jane did not intend anything bad with her comment) and Team Kathryn (those who took offense when the “No comment” response triggered speculations and intrigue), which side are you on? Was Jane wrong in answering that way or were Kathryn’s followers just too sensitive about it?
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WATCH the related videos on the issue and check out some of the comments from each side that we found online and feel free to share yours:

The “No Comment” Incident
Video: Youtube (Dengel Forever)

Confession Room Confrontation
Video: Youtube (ABS-CBN Online)



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