Last June 16, two of the three lead stars of Star Cinema‘s The Achy Breaky Hearts got to spend time with the press and bloggers at the Team Tisoy Media Day. Jodi Sta. Maria (whose 34th birthday was also on that day!) and Ian Veneracion gamely entertained questions and shared behind-the-scene stories about filming and their friendship.

For those who don’t know, this latest movie offering will feature the clash between the JodIan/AmorAdo and JoChard teamups now known as Team Tisoy (Jodi and Ian) and Team Chinoy* (Jodi and Richard Yap). Both love teams earned their followers through hit Kapamilya shows Be Careful with my Heart (JoChard) and Pangako Sa’Yo (JodIan). In The Achy Breaky Hearts, “Ryan” (Ian) and “Frank” (Richard) will fight over “Chinggay” (Jodi) who feels the pressure to get married as she reached her 30s.

*A separate media day for Team Chinoy is set to happen tomorrow, June 19. Stay tuned for our updates. ūüôā¬†

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Ian Veneracion as Ryan and Jodi Sta. Maria as Chinggay in The Achy Breaky Hearts

Watch the teasers for Team Tisoy:

For the TRAILER, watch HERE.

Here are some random highlights from the event:

  • Ian gave his own painting entitled Moonlight over Jerusalem¬†as his birthday gift to Jodi. Ian shared that he gave the gift which he painted¬†two years ago because Jodi recently got the chance to visit the Holy Land and she knows the rich history of the place.¬†It is also often featured that Jodi is¬†very much into deepening her faith in Christ these days. Ian said that he prefers giving gifts that are not bought and¬†are from the heart.
  • Jodi was asked if she could relate to her character Chinggay (in her mid-30s and still searching for love) and if she still believes she’ll find that person who won’t break her heart. The birthday girl was quick to answer that¬†while¬†one should not lose faith in love and have the courage to take risks, it is still important to know your worth, your value, and not to forget to love yourself. She emphasized it’s important not to settle for anyone who will give you less than what you deserve.
  • On the question if she’s dating anyone right now, Jodi laughed and seemed uneasy. She said, “I will answer that in time.”
  • Asked what she would do if Chinggay’s dilemma in the movie happens to her in real life, Jodi said¬†she’ll make a choice for Chinggay’s sake. She would not settle for just anyone just to give in to the pressure of finding love.
  • Ian revealed that the level of comfort he and Jodi have with each other and their friendship must be the keys to the success of their loveteam. He said that they are even more comfortable with each other off-cam. They talk about anything under the sun. It was funny how he revealed that after several projects, he now has a better understanding and gauge¬†of Jodi’s moods.
  • On being paired with married men as loveteam partners, Jodi shared that she feels safer¬†that way because she knows their respective wives. Jodi¬†said that she’s more at ease in working with them because they are just friends and there’s no pressure [to be with the person for real]. ¬†Ian coached Jodi¬†into saying that she also¬†knows that there are no ulterior motives and hidden agenda.
  • On working with the ultimate hugot director Antoinette Jadaone, both Ian and Jodi expressed appreciation for their director’s being collaborative and open to suggestions. Jodi described “Direk Tonet” as a genius as she also co-wrote the screenplay.
  • On real-life heartbreaks,¬†Ian said, “Kahit sino pa, kahit anong nararamdaman mo pa, isang iyak ka lang, pagkatapos noon,¬†move on.” He later added the old saying, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will ¬†make you stronger.” ¬†For Jodi, she believes that all the pain, everything we go through, our failures, our heartaches, will serve a purpose. She ended by saying, “Maybe you don’t understand now why it’s happening but I know one day everything will make sense. So it’s up to you whether you dwell on your situation or you stand up, and you walk, and move on.”
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