F*CK! 3x – I caught myself uttering these profanities upon seeing my weight on the weighing scale–after a very long time of not checking–last Monday. At 90 kg/198 lbs, this is definitely my HEAVIEST SELF ever. Never in my entire life had I imagined living without your smile reaching an overweight and overly chubby stage.

I was skinny-70 at 27 years old; cha-pa-buff-80  (chubby na pa-buff) at 28. Now at 29 and around 90 kg, logically, I’ll hit a whopping 100 kilograms at 30 – no way! 

Looking at the mirror every morning, I cajole myself into thinking that the double chins on my face are nothing but temporary. And every time I pinch the rice terraces on my bilbils, I take refuge in the fact that my body fats were already there with me since I was, a baby.

Come to think of it, at 90 kg, if my fats were sold in a butcher’s market, they can actually fit nicely in this Calice Meat Preservation Cabinet:

90kg calisen


I needed a celebrity fitspiration. Apparently, I found out that Megastar Sharon Cuneta was also once around my weight. Read related story. I heard she’s making some progress now.

sharon cuneta

sharon cuneta prepares clothes loses weight for showbiz comeback

My dad is fat. My titos are fat. My cousins are fat. Genetically speaking, I should also be fat. Pugad Baboy family levels. But I felt something wasn’t right; having a hard time sitting on a computer chair due to a squished protruding belly is one of them. Ang harsh ng life!

It took a lot of courage to force myself to check my weight again. It didn’t help either if you have your own set of friends who turn out to be your very own team of fast-ass bashers. I hear my friends bluntly saying these to me the past few days:

  • “Pao… ang fat na ng fingers mo” | Translation: Konti na lang, may double chin na rin pati kamay mo.” 
  • “What happened to you?” | Translation: “Parang ang pangit pangit mo lately…”
  • “You’re snacking again?” | Translation: “Once in a while, try mo rin kayang makipag break-up with food.”

Ngayon alam ko na how Raymond Gutierrez feels – #GutzFeels:


Well, si Janice de Belen nga pumayat. Naglipat lang daw siya ng bahay at nag give up ng rice and junk food, looking fab na ulet. Read related story. I think it should also be easy for me to replicate her outfit fitness goals.

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janice de belen loses weightSo that same morning, I decided to take action with this literally ballooning problem. The very first step on my list is to have a total lifestyle change: sleep early, wake up early; low carbs, sugar and salt; eat greens; focus more on protein and lessen the fats; no junk food and soda; no more dining out–at least for the time being; drink lots of water; and make room for more exercise every day.

I’ve also decided to chronicle my fitness journey through this blog, hence the topless selfie above to publicly shame, and at the same time, inspire myself to work better in achieving a fitter body, not only to look aesthetically good but to also be in the pink again.

I’m on my second day to a “healthy and fitter me,” and so far, so good!

This is what I’ve been doing so far:

DAY 1: 

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs (with yolk), 3-in-1 coffee
  • Lunch: Boiled beef + tofu, bean sprouts and winged beans
  • Snacks: Skyflakes
  • Dinner: Whey protein and banana
  • Exercise: 50 minute cardio

banana whey protein and lunch

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs (with yolk), 3-in-1 coffee
  • Lunch: Boiled beef + tofu, bean sprouts and winged beans
  • Snack: Skyflakes + banana
  • Dinner: Whey protein
  • Exercise: 30 minute Insanity Program (Fit Test, Day 1 session) at 7 a.m.; 30 minute semi-crossfit training at 7 p.m.

nike rubber shoes for runningI’ll probably take another shameless, topless selfie after 30 days and hopefully I’ll see some positive changes after that. Hopefully close enough to JC Tiuseco’s.

jc tiuseco perfect abs

















If not, kahit Coleen Garcia man lang. Juskolord.



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Follow and journey with me in the next 30 days. Stay tuned for updates on Random Republika: #30dayswithpaolo

Update: Read Part 2: That Day I Woke Up and Realized I’m Overweight


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