In Pinoy mainstream vocabulary, back-up dancers now simply mean: sumasayaw sa gilid ni Kim Chiu o ni Gerald Anderson (dancers beside Kim Chiu or Gerald Anderson).

They are never on the spotlight. They will never be. They will always be at the background of big, popular stars, even though, sometimes, they are far better dancers than these celebs. In fact most of the time, people don’t even know or don’t even mind who they are. They just focus on the celebrities.
The only time they get their very own spotlight is when luck & fortune bless them with a skyrocketing career to fame. Take Dingdong Dantes (Abstract Dancers), Vhong Navarro (Streetboys), and Jhong Hilario (Streetboys) as a few examples.
But there’s something sexy about male back-up dancers. Nowadays, even male back-up dancers have their own followings.
Perhaps it’s their angas factor, their hot bods & skimpy costumes, or maybe their sizzling, gyrating dance moves up on stage. Not to mention, once they go topless showing their sexy abdominals-filled-with-uummmh?!-oil while performing, you will just hope the camera will just pan on them the whole time.
Have you had the chance to take a closer look at the boys of ASAP’s G-Force dance group?Okay, here’s a teaser!

Ray-an & Devon of G-Force (Images:


G-Force dancers (Image:
G-Force ultimately gained their popularity via ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show, ASAP.
They are somehow the “offspring” of the now-defunct, Hotlegs. Teacher Georcelle Dapat, formerly from Hotlegs, head choreographer to the ABS-CBN stars, and Queen Mother of G-Force, brings a pool of talented guys and gals who can do a wide mix of modern dance (jazz, ballet, break-dancing, and hip-hop). Thereafter, G-Force was born.
G-Force has some undiscovered talent back there. They have a bunch of hot male dancers that are also die for.
Here’s our list of hot! hot! hot! G-Force boys, with Devon (topmost) topping our list:
G-Force (from top to bottom): (1st row): Devon Batang; (2nd row) Ray-an Manglo, Ram Julianda; (3rd row) JB Pappas, Serwin Casepe, Michael Jahnke,  Marvin Burayag (Images: G-Force Fan Page Facebook)

If you are not yet convinced how sexy they are, watch this video. I hope it does make you sweat as much as we did…

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(G-Force’s Make Me Sweat Concert, February 4, 2011, Music Museum)