Have you ever wanted to enjoy a short weekend getaway somewhere far — but not really that far? A vacation that doesn’t involve plane rides and long bus journeys, and yet, you still end up in a beautiful island paradise. Lucky for those living in Singapore, Bintan Resorts is just a ferry ride away.

Located just 45 minutes away from Singapore, Bintan, Indonesia has been the perfect respite for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike who just want a short escape from the stresses brought by city-living.

Bintan Resorts boasts a multitude of accommodations (sitting next to each other) for solo travelers, couples, families, groups of friends, and even for corporate bookings.

Last month, we headed to The Canopi to once and for all experience glamping (glamorous camping) — a millennial-type of holiday for those who are into air-conditioned tents and a “wilderness-type of adventure.”



From Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to the resort: Departing at 8:10 a.m., we arrived in Bintan way too early before the usual 2 p.m. check-in. Majority of our fellow guests who also reached the resort around that time preferred to make use of their morning by playing water sports or exploring the other parts of the island — while we on the other hand, decided to gozzle on nasi padangs and eat some of our other favorite Indonesian dishes instead.

Plaza Lagoi seemed to be the only area outside the resorts in the island where tourists can hang, eat, and shop.  ***TIP: For dining, it’s better to just eat at the restaurants found in your resorts instead of visiting Plaza Lagoi as the latter charge way more with their food. We spent SG$70.00 for just a bowl of chicken curry, a plate of beef rendang, one order of Thai pineapple rice, and two cans of drinks — which we thought was only worth SG$30-35 when you order the same quality in a restaurant in Singapore.***




The charm of The Canopi springs from the locals’ culture of ‘chalet-ing’ in Singapore: you gather your families and friends for a Saturday bbq session, and the other families do the same in your opposite chalet/tent.

But unlike ordinary chalets, The Canopi has various exciting water facilities to offer, headlined by their extremely wide man-made salt-water lagoon, which is possibly the longest and largest one in Asia. Some parts of the lagoon are meant for swimming, while the others are used for kayaking, wakeboarding, among others.

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The true luxury experience in The Canopi is found within the tents itself. The facade of the tents exude a casual, fun persona, while the insides speak of contrasts: a sense of romance, adventure, and unwarranted finesse. The kind-sized bed and the white draperies surrounding it summon a deep sense of royalty among its guests. This is complimented by the safari-inspired furniture and fixtures.

Only outdoor bathrooms are available in the tents — although they are pretty and spacious, the flora adorning the bathrooms attracted mosquitoes and bees, which scared me a bit especially while showering and brushing my teeth.



The tent at night:



Inside the tent:







Equally remarkable are the resort’s staff: from the receptionists to the F&B manager who were all cordial and hospitable. They made sure everything was in place for us and that we were taken cared of.

After a full day of lounging by the pool and nonstop eating, we then asked for a late night in-room massage which was the perfect ending to our day.








Watch our Checking In Video at The Canopi:

THE CANOPI (Jl. Raya Haji Sebong, Lagoi, Sebong Lagoi, Teluk Sebong, Tlk. Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29152, Indonesia). Tel: +62 770 692252. Website: bintan-resorts.com/visitors/resorts/the-canopi/.


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