He has the charming good looks of a movie star but it seems that Star Cinema‘s  blockbuster director Gino Santos already found his niche behind the camera. At 26, Santos is behind the 2015 hit movie Ex with Benefits and the currently showing Love Me Tomorrow. Interestingly, both films include Coleen Garcia in the main cast. He also directed the actress in an independent film entitled #Y. Friends for some time now, Coleen and Gino have been instrumental in each other’s careers.

Last June 3, Direk Gino addressed our questions during the Love Me Tomorrow bloggers’ conference. At the said event, he talked about his directing style, what it was like to be working with Coleen, Piolo Pascual, and Dawn Zulueta, and gave a rundown of actresses he wishes to work with.  It was amazing to witness how at such a young age, Direk Gino possesses the confidencecreative acumen and leadership to make it big in his field. No doubt, he is who he is now — a star in his own right. Following his currently successful project, an upcoming one with Star Cinema is immediately in the works. The in-demand director just got back from a Balesin getaway to recharge for this.

Direk Gino’s Love Me Tomorrow is still showing in cinemas nationwide.  Check it out to get the best of both the millennials’ and Titas’ worlds.

Random highlights from Direk Gino’s interview:

  • Asked if he had a hand in the lineup of stars in the film, Direk Gino shared he was part of the team who worked on completing the supporting cast since Piolo, Dawn, and Coleen were already set to be the main stars.
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  • Direk Gino revealed he was surprised at how funny Dawn can be given she’s known for portraying serious dramatic roles in the past. He was very happy with the veteran actress’ performance in the movie.


  • He shared that he and Coleen had pegs when it came to the characterization of “Janine,” Coleen’s socialite character in the movie. Pegs included celebrities and people the two of them personally know and party with. He was proud to share how Coleen added personal touches to her character and evolved from a by-the-book actress to one who now applies a more natural and at-the-moment acting approach.


  • After being part of Coleen’s blockbuster successes, Direk Gino was asked how he feels that he won’t be part of Coleen’s next film. He expressed how proud he is of the actress and shared that he jokingly told her that she might experience getting scolded now that another director will be in charge. 🙂


  • Direk Gino shared he was very particular with the music used in the film. He was very hands-on with the party rendition and coordinated with the musical scorer Francis Concio.


  • While he felt a bit starstruck with Dawn and Piolo at first, everything eventually became natural as they bonded over an immersion. In fact, through their bonding moments, that’s when he got to see some of Dawn’s natural Tita moments he injected into the film.


  • People around him noticed that Direk Gino’s background as an indie director came out in his use of improvised camera shots. Remember Dawn’s wobbly drunken moment? (If you haven’t seen the film, watch out for that.) Apparently, an improvised camera device was used and it did churn out an effective shot!
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  • In terms of directing style, Direk Gino shared he already envisions the scenes in his mind but gives his actors a free hand on how to attack their roles first When he deems necessary, he tells his actors how to make adjustments for improve and sometimes re-enacts the scenes to demonstrate. He shared that some stars have to be spoonfed while others are better given the freedom to take on their roles.


  • Direk Gino revealed he wishes to work with Bea Alonzo, Liza Soberano, and Bela Padilla. ♥


Watch his full interview here: