Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show strengthened her sensational and irreplaceable place in the history of music and entertainment. Here are 8 REASONS why our Mother Monster is iconic artist at the Super Bowl.


8. She remained subtle with her political messages during the ‘This is Your Land’ repertoire. Classy act.

7. That awkward frog-like leap (while hanging from the roof) which only Gaga can pull off

6. Those signature shoulder shudders, a glorious tribute to her iconic song — ‘Poker Face’ 

5. Whenever she sings our national anthem, ‘Born This Way,’ we can’t help but call her our one and only Mmooottthheeerrr!

4. Queen of awkwardness? Nailed it — and it doesn’t matter if she looks odd on stage at all

3. Despite all the grand display and superlatives of being Lady Gaga, she remains authentic to her core — my heart melted when she called out her Mom and Dad while singing her latest single, ‘Million Years’

2. That transformative hug. When media saw the evilness in her past, we saw how Gaga’s transformation is one of positivity instead. And look where she is now — sans the meat suit and the supposedly illuminati rituals. She has been an icon of change, whether it’s about music, costumes, and principles.

1. Nuff said, Mic drop. It’s as if she’s saying: I’ve done so much; I don’t care if you will like me or not. 

Watch Lady Gaga’s full performance: 

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