Anticipation is rising for the complete cast of the remake of the phenomenal Taiwanese series Meteor Garden in 2018. After the big reveal of the new members of F4 of Flower 4 Boys, everyone’s looking forward to meeting the new lead actress to take on the role of Shan Cai* or San Cai. Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu revealed on Instagram who is taking on the role that catapulted her to superstardom-Chinese actress Shen Yue. The 20-year old actress topbills the 2017 web drama A Love So Beautiful. We can’t wait to find out who will be paired with Shen Yue among the four boys.

*Shan Cai is a tough girl who captures the attention and heart of the campus’ main bully Dao Ming Si and his friends. 


Barbie said “Good luck!” in Chinese as part of the caption.

Shen Yue stars with Hu Yi Tian in A Love So Beautiful. Here are the photos from

Watch the trailers. The second one has English subtitles:

Now that we know who Shan Cai or San Cai is going to be, who do you think among the new F4 boys Dylan, Connor, Caesar and Darren will be Dao Ming Si?

Clockwise: Caesar, Darren, Connor, and Dylan

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