Of all the quick weekend destination getaways near Singapore, Malacca in Malaysia has always been my favorite. It’s compact yet still full of idiosyncrasies–it’s Malaysian yet still Portuguese in influences; it’s historical yet still modern.

An overnight stay is all you have to spend in this little “Venice of the East,” otherwise you’ll end up getting bored–while biting your nails.

Here’s my list of top things to do in Malacca:

1. Stay at Hatten Hotel – with a 5-star quality service, spacious rooms, good buffet breakfast spread and a huge swimming pool, Hatten is probably one of the best accommodations in this Malaysian province.

2. Must-try dishes include Chicken Rice, Chicken Rice Balls, Asam Laksa and other heritage Nyonya cuisine

3. Visit St. Paul Church’s Ruins

4. Drink some local coffee (kopi-C, coffee with milk) at any vintage cafes

5. Ride the romantic 30-minute river cruise

6. Shop-till-you-drop at Jonker Street come night-time

7. End your day by eating a bowl of sweet ice cendol for desert

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Note: All photos are owned by me. Shot by a Canon G12.

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