Popular OPM pop rock group This Band premiered a new single titled Sinungaling Ka last Friday, September 18. Since their 2018 breakout hit Kahit Ayaw Mo Na that carried over until 2019, This Band has had a string of hit singles that included Hindi Na Nga, ‘Di Na Babalik and Nang-iwan.

This Band’s 2018 hit

The latest single finds This Band rocking a bit more than their usual. In this particular track, the sounds of Raymart Gubat‘s guitar and Kenneth Macaranas’ drums are more upfront. Similarly, the music played by Melvin Carson‘s keyboards is more pronounced.

This Band released a similar rock sound single early this year with Rebound. But as far as themes go, This Band is still sticking to what they write and sing about best – songs about breakup. That is what Sinungaling Ka is about.

The tight interplay among the band members includes guitarist-songwriter Euwie Von Loria, bassist Miccael Galvan, and vocalist Andrea Manzano.

Sinungaling Ka is the prelude to an incoming full album from This Band. This is going to be their first album since breaking into the mainstream music scene.  Since their first single debut on Spotify, This Band has amassed almost 230 million streams on said streaming platform alone. The album, to be released by Viva Records, is slated for October 2020.

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