A large surge of website traffic can cause difficult access to one’s website. This is what happened last night when fans online were complaining about how they couldn’t get into Maine Mendoza’s blog after finding out from her tweet that she uploaded a new blog post.

In her post, Maine recounted in detail the grand event that happened a month ago. Her Solid Maine United fans (umbrella group of Maine’s supporters) threw her a grand suprise party that was Coachella-themed. In the end part of the entry, Maine also repeatedly thanked her fans and supporters.

In an industry where having a perfect image and perception of confidence is the norm, Maine proves to be a breath of fresh of air. A phenomenal superstar unafraid to let her guard down and personally share her thoughts and feelings is something we don’t regularly see in showbiz.

Here are some of the RANDOM highlights that moved me:

“Going through those photos made me shed some tears. I honestly had no idea they did everything from scratch, ngayon lang while scanning the photos! They could’ve just asked and hired people to do it for them or just simply buy ready made stuff from the store but they did not. All for the love; all for me. *sigh* What did I do to deserve all of this?

“Until now I still could not believe that I just had an incredible birthday celebration. Never in my life have I ever imagined that someone would throw a grand party for me. I have always desired to have a birthday party as fancy and grandiose like this. It was something that I thought I’d never experience my whole life– unless I become terribly rich or a celebrity. I don’t know but for some reason I want some events in my life to be grand, considering the fact that I hate big celebrations. Perhaps it’s because I want to experience some things that I only see on television and prove that it could also happen in reality my life.”

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Can you imagine how lucky I am to be where I am right now? I don’t think what happened to me and my life 8 months ago commonly happens in real life– no, it doesn’t. I actually sometimes think if someone else–out of 7 billion people in this world– have experienced something magical like this. (I need to Google it!) Seriously though, what happened to me was phenomenal. Again I repeat, I am talking about what happened to me, and not me. God must be working His magic on me and I must be very lucky; not because of the fame or the money, but because aside from making my ultimate dream come true, He bestowed me with great people who will join me along my journey. It’s not everyday you meet people who’d appreciate your existence. It’s not everyday you meet people who’d proudly shout to the world how much they love and admire you.

Let me confess this to all of you, before the surprise party I honestly didn’t think that I have that much supporters. Believe me or not, the number of avid supporters I used to have in my mind was more or less than 25. (I am not kidding!) Perhaps it is because I was always–and will always be–in denial that there are actually people who admires and supports me wholeheartedly for I truly am. It is something that’s hard for me to believe.. I mean, why would people like me? When I, myself, see nothing to like about. Ewan ko.. I feel like nothing can really change the way I look at myself. I used feel like a useless piece of crap–I felt like there is nothing good I could do– and it made me feel awful at times. (That could be the reason why I am not affected by all the bashing I get, because they look at me exactly the way I look at myself.)
For the past twenty years, I’ve always been clouded with negativity. I’ve always hit life back with “No, I can’t”more than “I can and I will”. I can’t blame myself, I got used to seeing the dark side of things which made me cycnical. It’s hard for me to explain as to why I became like this for I never really experienced something terrible in my life. I think it is safe to say that it’s all about mindset and perspective. No matter how hard I try to uplift myself, I always ended up failing and sulking. And it is just now that I am slowly beginning to switch to being optimistic. I am training my mind to look at the bright side of things (though I still fail at times!) That’s the best thing I could do to keep up with this life. I’d say it’s not me who makes me feel good about myself but the people around me; the people who love me and care for me. Yes, they exist, and they are not just twenty five.

To be fair to Maine who obviously put so much thought and effort in putting up her long blog post complete with pictures and video links, read her heartfelt post in full through this link.

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