We have a confession — this morning, we saw just a single episode of Mikael Daez and Megan Young’s travel vlog and we instantly got hooked with this super beautiful couple. They are indeed our: #TravelCoupleGoals.

Megan being the Megan Young (with or without her crown) is a catch no matter what. She’s beauty and grace personified (with or without makeup too!). But Mikael (for some reason, we rarely see him appearing on our radar) is a big revelation in these Youtube videos. Mikael is the epitome of a true “Instagram Boyfriend.” Because he does these vlogs so well (i.e. taking the actual videos, doing his voiceovers, and editing the whole film), we wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up having his own travel show on a local TV channel (or even on a regional/international one — *ahem, AXN/Star World, please notice this cute & smart guy!*)

In Megan and Mikael’s most recent trip to Maldives, here are the most charming scenes we’ve seen and stumbled upon:

That time they were looking for a “bakal” gym (or any gym for that matter) to pursue their regular fitness routines:

That time a former Miss World and her beau rode at the back of a pick-up truck:

These celebrities are not afraid to show their real side:

They really do train every single day. Every single day. Grabeeeel!!!

Don’t we all wish we have someone like Mikael who admires us from a far (or in this case, under water?):

Mikael, we don’t mind going places with you… anywhere!

Awww… an ice cream toast for their little island adventure:

How adorable is this — Megan applying sunscreen on Mikael

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We seriously don’t mind seeing more of these two. To more vlog adventures, Megan and Mikael!


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