IN AWE. I wrapped myself in the air of majesty as I entered the sovereign walls of ancient Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. I almost kissed the floor – the same floor where a thousand other important ancient people sashayed and trudged in. Thought it’s too pagan for me to do that anyway.

The morning sun lit the confused monastery in all its hefty corners; baffled by the thousand years of history its weakening pillars holds, hence the on-going constructions to save whatever can be rescued. Built in 537 AD, the Christian church-turned-Muslim mosque-turned-museum saw hundreds of tourists flocking that day, stunned by the murals plastered on its Byzantine walls and the lavish chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. 

Everything was ethereal and it’s allure, timeless.

facade of hagia sophia queue people turkey

hagia sophia turkey inside walls ceilings

deesis mosaic of jesus christ in hagia sophia turkey

throne hagia sophia altar istanbul turkey

hagia sophia jesus christ wall murals paintings byzantine art

inside hagia sophia istanbul turkey

hagia sophia inside the church

inside hagia sophia photo shoot turkey

window outside hagia sophia view from istanbul

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