We hope one day we’ll be able to see both the Legaspi and Muhlach twins in one public appearance together, like in a TV interview, teleserye, or even in a simple production number – dance showdown in ASAP, please! It’ll be a joy to see Mavy and Cassy Legaspi side-by-side their equally good-looking Muhlach twin counterparts, Atasha and Andres. Who’s looking forward to that? Me, me, me!

If these teens decide to enter show business one day, we bet their parents will be the proudest. After all, they have all it takes–including the genes–to become the country’s next promising TV and movie icons.

Plus, don’t you think they have some resemblances too? They can easily pass as siblings or relatives in a soap opera. That’ll be more exciting to watch!

Mulach Family

Muhlach Family

Zoren Carmina Mavy Cassy Legaspi Family

Legaspi Family


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