Product placement by Mang Juan has just been maximized. The brand is currently trending on Twitter because of a minor happening inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. The story of a cutie housemate shedding tears over his disappointment in not being able to open a pack has just been magnified. Earlier today, a misunderstanding occurred when Axel was prevented from opening a pack of Mang Juan chicharon for dinner by housemates Alex and Michele. However, after dinner, Alex opened the pack and ate the chips with the others.


On livestream right now, celebrity houseguest Alex Gonzaga (involved in the incident) and housemates Nichole and Jane are discussing the issue. Looks like Alex is going to talk to Axel to fix the issue.

UPDATE as of 2:30AM: Hours after the Mang Juan misunderstanding, Alex and Axel have exchanged apologies and made up.:) 
Here are some snapshots:

Funny how after apologizing for what he thinks was an overreaction on his part,
Axel said Mang Juan is probably trending by now. Nice one, Axel. You guessed it right.

Full details will be aired tomorrow night on primetime. (Mang Juan photo courtesy of Facebook)

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