With more than one million views each, the unkabogable Vice Ganda‘s latest vlog entries in the United States are both trending in the Philippines. As of this writing, slots taken are #25 and #42 on the list. This only proves that the phenomenal performer’s charm goes beyond a series of lockdowns and a network shutdown.

It is important to note that Vice is in the US for his concert tour, Vax Ganda: A Dose of Laughter. The concerts in the West and East Coasts turned out to be huge successes. Read HERE.

We may have been missing Vice on It’s Showtime for weeks now but we get to join him and his friends’ adventures in America through his official Youtube channel Vice Ganda. In his vlog, you will find him as his usually funny self, savoring the normal everyday experiences as a “non-celebrity” while out of the country. But given today’s media reach, Vice still gets recognized by our kababayans.

WATCH these currently trending ones:

This one’s cute. Vice Ganda explores the do-it-yourself laundry process and learns a lot about getting his clothes washed away from the luxury of having help at home. Vice met Filipinos based in the US who assisted him and kindly addressed his cluelessness.

Vice takes us on a food trip in a food strip in Los Angeles. Vice and his friends explored the Grand Central Market and he gave honest-to-goodness food reviews!

Random video: Vice’s boyfriend and It’s Showtime co-host Ion Perez also vlogs. Check out the crowd at the Vax Ganda concert and experience backstage access through his lens. He let us into the makeup area and gave us a view and feel of the SOLD OUT concert!

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